Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Atypical ending to a typical day

Up with the alarm. Had taken the sleep number bed down to 35 on each side, then back to 55. It took 3 second for the right side, almost a minute for the left. Something is seriously wrong here. Must call them about it.

At work by 9:05, the freeway was less stupid than usual, but still pretty stupid.

Discovered there had been another build released yesterday after I'd left. Two in half an hour. Bizarre.  So I finished the test I was running, did the update and continued to the next one.

Which took all day.

Lunch was at China Stix, wor won ton soup. They don't do it as well as the now defunct places I used to go for it. No BBQ pork, too much chicken not chopped small enough, not a lot of bok choi. Generous amount of shrimp, though. Dim sum cart with the sesame balls kept avoiding me, never got any.

After work I headed to the new Starbucks in Svale Washington Street, down the block from the new Kabul. In the underground garage I found two electric car chargers, one was a single and someone was plugged in, the other was a double with one car plugged in, but the machine thought it only was a single, so no charging. :-(

Followed up on Match.com, and once again the winks turned out to be spam, the accounts closed, and none of the matches were matches at all. Completely ignores what I'd requested. I need to go back and make them "needs" instead of just "nice to have".

There was some eye candy, and the place is open till 9. It ought to be open till midnight, maybe that will happen eventually. Note to manager: If you are open till 9, don't start putting the chairs up and mopping the floor at 8. It annoys the customers and loses business.

Home, plugged in the car (there was still some charge left), put on my Birkenstocks and went online. Checked FB and saw that there was a theater pizza gathering starting at 10:30, and it was 10:20 so I put on shoes, hopped into the car (unplugged it first) and went there. I've only been to three of them, this is thre first time there was a crowd. There was also a group from Saratoga's show at the next table, with two people I knew. Got to chat with my 2nd Aldonza, and her new husband. I'll be seeing her show tomorrow.

Home, phoned the lunar.org hotline to see if the Moffett field rocket launch was still on (it was drizzling all evening) and they said it is, but the rules have changed now that Google owns the airfield.  Bottom line is they have made it not attractive for photographers, and this month and next month will be the last times there. I was ready to hand in my dues tomorrow, but now I won't be going, and won't be renewing. Their other launch site is the other side of Contra Costa, not an option. I drove out there once, it's further than Sacramento.

Delivered was a lot of stuff. Two big cans of honey roasted peanuts, a box of Scharfenberger chocolate squares, a jar of TCHO chocolate squares, a replacement for my lunch cooler, and a box of various carnivorous plants for gnat catching. 4 D. Capensis, 3 P. primuliflora  (butterwarts), 1 D. adelae. The plants are all on the kitchen island for now, except for the biggest Capensis, which is on my desk and the wilting one which had been on the desk in on the island.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lowe's, buy some garden fencing. And some dishes for under the carnivorous plants (they need to be in 2" of water).
Re-seed the marigolds and fence the section.
Saratoga, a 2:30 performance of Jerry's Girls with at least one of the women who was at the pizza thing
Palo Alto, a sort of wake for a theater friend who died way too young of a Dread Disease last year

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