Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Where Does The Time Go, Ms. Collins?

Busy day. Blew off the model rocket launch because of the new rules and the wind and the clouds. Instead, went to Summer Winds looking for flowers to plant to replace the marigolds. Found what I was looking for, bee and butterfly friendly, full sun, drought tolerant. They also had all kinds of rosemary and lavender, but there's already too much of that around. Also found enough plastic dishes to put under the indoor plants.

Did not find any larger plants to replace the wood chip section, so I went to Lowe's, and got some blue salvia and something called pincushions, which I had to wait for the bees to leave before putting them in the cart.

Almost bought a large honeysuckle, but was not willing to gamble $40 on it thriving.

Took those home, set them near where they would be planted, plugged in the car, had a quick lunch (corn dogs). Unplugged the car and drove to Saratoga for their very limited production of Jerry's Girls. What struck me most was the number of enormous women in the cast. I have worked on stage with some of these women, none of whom were enormous at the time. In two cases we're only talking Fall, 2012. It didn't hurt their voices, but made costuming and choreography a challenge.

I was surprised by a lot of the tunes. How did I not know that La Cage, Milk & Honey, Hollywood/Ukraine and Mame were Jerry Herman's? While the person who created the revue obviously thought Hello Dolly would bring the house down (it didn't, and the invitation to sing along was largely ignored), the woman who sang I Am What I Am from La Cage would have received a standing ovation if the director had not foolishly insisted on her running off the stage to make way for a second rate song by a second rate singer.

After the show I tried to get to where the cast was to say hi to friends and compliment the ones who had earned it, but they were already surrounded.

Next stop, Antonio's Nut House, a dive in Palo Alto, for a memorial wake for Beth, one of the Lyric Theater regulars (we did Pirates together) who died too young of some dread disease, shortly after finding and marrying her One true Love. He was there, nice guy, handsome too, and trying to take it in stride, but how can you? Spent a lot of time chatting with Dr. Ellie, a rising soprano and an astronomer at Lick. We did Babes in Toyland and I've tried to see all her shows. It's a small world, before I had a chance to ask her out, she started dating a tenor whom I had directed in a G&S show at Stanford. Also at the event was Abi, who is a techie and house volunteer for TheatreWorks, so I guess Beth did shows there too.

Home, too dark to plant the flowers, but I have all day tomorrow. Made DiGiorno for dinner. Watched the latest Magicians, and XFiles. Not sure how I feel about them straying from the UFO theme into more occult spheres. Love that they introduced a young redhead doctor FBI agent to show how much Scully has aged. She obviously spent as lot more time with makeup for this episode.

All the carnivores are in their plastic saucers, with lots of water, and are distributed around the house to where the gnats are. The one on my desk has already caught a couple.

Plans for tomorrow:
Plant all the flowers
Maybe fence in the plot by the mailbox
Harvest a few tomatoes
Relocate the redwood chips to behind the shed
Probably plant some seeds baby sister sent
Coffee with Janice in the evening
Take out the garbage

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