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Sick Transit Inglorious Monday

At work just after 9, sent the usual over-the-weekend test update to the team, then opened a calendar item from boss' boss' boss. 10 am, same time as our team meeting, in the conference room upstairs. His meeting of course takes precedence. Only my name was on the "to" line, but it was obvious that there was a hidden list of other attendees.

Last week the CEO (in Suwanee, GA) sent a Bad News email message, hinting that merit increases were getting the axe, so I figured this was going to be one of those bad financial news meetings boss3 holds once a quarter. When boss and boss2 joined the meeting it looked more like that. Until we started noticing several of our team were not there.

And there was a stranger sitting in the left hand of God seat. Bosscubed stuttered that she was from HR to tell us that all our jobs have been terminated. Among the casualties was bosssquared, who is the last of the remaining founders of the original company which current company had swallowed up. Plus both engineering program managers for the soon-to-be-released new product.

And everyone on the staff named Nguyen - Automation guy and two lab IT guys. And the Russian woman whom I beat out for the job, who was later hired for another department. All told about 20 people. There is no way they can get this product out the door with the remaining staff, so I'm guessing they will be cutting their losses and eventually offering those folks jobs in other sections of the company. Or not. 

Horrible timing. Boss and Automation Guy had just bought houses. 

HR woman said we were good till the end of the month, but were free to go home after the meeting. She handed out personalized severance packages, and mine works out to about 7½ pay periods, plus another 4 of vacation pay.

We need to come back Thursday morning for a sign-your-life-away meeting, which is supposed to include some more nuts and bolts. She said COBRA will be paid for a month, which is pretty stingy - when Moto laid me off from the same job in 2008, they gave me 3 months' worth.

After the meeting there was a lot of visits from the non-afflicted, while I was deleting all my personal stuff from the PC, which included my wireless mouse and English/Thai keyboard. And all my browser links, cookies, etc. And my Windows desktop is back to Windows 7 theme, with no icons.

And to seal the irony, I went onto Dice.com and filled in a new profile (I had deleted mine because I was getting too many people with foreign accents calling about contract jobs way far away which did not even come close to my areas of expertise). Shortened my resume a bit first.

About 2 pm, went home by way of U-haul, where I bought some boxes which I will take back to work tomorrow and fill. There is my collection of coffee cups from around the world, a photo frame and a handful of mounted photos. Plus misc. tools, files and such. I am leaving the cardboard 2D foldable palm tree.

Coming home woke up Spook, but she's back on her perch above the window overlooking the garden. But she's not looking.

Plans for the rest of the day are to read the severance packet, cancel my hotel reservations for Worldcon in KC, see what job boards are still worth posting on (despite Obama fans' claims of vastly improved employment, job boards have pretty much dried up).  

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