Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Day After

As planned, I did not rush to wake up in the morning, despite the mournful cries from the feline, who just wanted treats (she has plenty of real food & water). At about 10:30 I unplugged the car, drove to the office with 4 small U-haul boxes, a roll of paper tape and a collapsible dolly.

Spent about an hour on the work PC cleaning up my test machine's database so whomever inherits it has a clean slate to work with. And another 20 minutes deleting any email I'd sent to my personal address. We have no competent PC support person, he is still on disability from a major car accident, so the PC probably won't get wiped any time soon. I deleted all my personal apps yesterday.

All the coffee cups, my desktop fan, the photos and electronic picture frame, and all the personal odds and ends (cough drops, caladryl, migraine pills, nail files, USB drives, etc) in my desk drawers fit into two U-haul book boxes. I put those on the dolly and wheeled them out to the car. Left the other 2 boxes and the tape in case anyone coming in Thursday for the final meeting want to use them.

Home, made space in the shed for the boxes - it was easier than I thought it would be, and also reminded me that my bicycle needs to be pulled out, and brought somewhere for new tires and a tune-up.

All morning, starting at 8 am, I was getting calls from recruiters. Most of them with thick East Indian accents and (US) east coast area codes. All desperate for me to apply for contract jobs through their companies. One out of 10 fit my skills, and it was in San Francisco which is not the best commute, and the pay rate was $10/hr below my expectations, but I said okay just for practice. But then the bozo misspells my name in the contract form, and keeps telephoning me without leaving voicemail, so I told him via email to shove it.

About that time my phone rings again, and it was a local recruiter with whom I had worked in the past. I don't think I landed a job through him, but he had a contract close to my price range, in exactly the skill set I want, a short commute away in Mountain View. So he's going to see if they can meet my price, or have any other positions which would. I would take that job at the asking price, but it doesn't hurt to negotiate within reason.

Someone else, also local, left me voicemail, similar but different job in MV, but I erased it because she said she had sent email. Never got the email, which means she probably spelled the address wrong, which is a show stopper for me. Maybe she'll figure it out or call back.

Bottom line, not bad for day 1 of job hunt.

Been texting boss and Automation Guy. They initiated it, but I'm happy to keep in touch. Both are friends outside of work.

After shedding the boxes I grabbed the empty SodaStream cartridge and headed for Target. Exchanged that (got the last one apparently) and then followed a tall slender woman in distressed jeans and calf-high cowboy boots to the shampoo aisle, which was actually where I was heading anyway. Needed body wash and shampoo. Have enough conditioner to last years, now that I'm keeping my hair and beard trimmed.

There was some other eye candy, including the cashier.

Home again, put stuff away, caught up on recruiter email, Facebook, LJ, and watched some TV and started to doze off so I took a nap for an hour.

Heated up some stuffed cabbage and toasted three pieces of sourdough bread for dinner, and watched X-Files. Very happy they have retained the pretty redheaded FBI doctor with the unfortunate name of Einstein. She is obviously a fan IRL, and is having a hard time Acting as if she doesn't Believe. Lauren Ambrose.

Also watched Supergirl. Forgot to stop recording it. Still too much fisticuffs, and oddly imdb does not list a fight choreographer though there obviously is one, but it does list about 40 stunt actors.

And they have introduced yet another annoying character.

Received a songbook of 100 R&B numbers, allegedly. Maybe half are not R&B. And the one I keep earworming, I Will Survive, isn't in there.  I love this version:

Also received was a letter from Toyota confirming my trade-in's loan was paid off and suggesting I ask for a refund of the extended warranty (need to call the dealer).

And a reminder that Bingo night is Wednesday. I'll probably go. Haven't been able to make it on time lately. And email from the Thai conversation group meetup that Thai movie night is postponed, not enough people signed up. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:

Maybe drive to the beach, HMB, with a stop at the carnivorous plant store.


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