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A Day at the Beach

But first, even though she has not been on here in ages and it's already tomorrow both where she is from and where she is now, a sincere happy birthday to Dr. mistymarshall who has dealt with much foo in her young lifetime and still achieves her goals. And she takes really excellent photographs.
Last night when I went into the bathroom to prepare for bed, Spook was hunkered down on the mat in front of the sink, and when she got out of my way it was only to slink over to the carpet just outside the door. So I picked her up - she did not resist, which is rare - and set her on the camp quilt on the bed. She slept there all night, and did not leave till about 6 am. When she saw I was up, she joined me again until I was dressed and in my office room. I saw her trying to barf earlier in the evening, but nothing came. Found a small hairball by the litter box later.

So, my first day of not wanting/needing to go to the office. After some second thoughts, I headed for the beach. Took 101 to 92, not the fastest route but who cares, and from Skyline to the beach it was bumper to bumper 1-20 mph. Fine with me, there are curves which too many mammoth pickups and BMWs try to take too fast. And a miracle - no motorcycles or bicycles.

Took a left onto Hwy 1, and the first right to the state park. Beach parking was $9 for seniors, $10 for humans, and of course there was no one at the booth to make change so they got $10 from me.

It was relatively clear, sunny, tide was out and looked to be coming in maybe. The waves were not high enough to surf, and they broke as soon as the tube formed, with a big loud crash and quite a big display of foam. A dozen or so people walking around, no one in the water until an hour later, when a couple of die hard short board riders gave it a try. Not worth it for a 10-second ride, IMHO.

Wipeout in 3...2...1...

Admiring the power of the waves

Sandpipers piping sand

Click here to see the whole set.
Stayed for a couple of hours, at about 3 was back on the road, and made a planned stop at the carnivorous plants place, where the nice lady found a lovely pitcher plant in the back room for me for only $18. And I also paid $45 for a huge butterwart which was dotted with gnat corpses.

Home by way of 92-280-85-237.

Slurped up the photos onto the PC, then uploaded to Flickr. Only a couple needed any processing.

Had not eaten since morning, so cooked up a couple of corn dogs. While I was on the beach three recruiters called, two were still sporting Hindi accents, and had jobs I was not interested in. One I didn't answer, but it matched email I got at home, and it was for a position completely out of my area of expertise.

Went on to monster.com and it still says my email address is invalid. So I tried the one I use for match.com, and that worked, which told me their error message was wrong, it should have said the email address was already in use. So I clicked on "forgot password" and after half an hour email showed up telling me how to reset it. So, I reset it for my jobs email and deleted the match account.

Found a couple of jobs to apply for. I'm not qualified, but close enough that a hiring manager ought to have something I can do. NVidia was one of them, they are across the expressway from Arris, and have been building a new HQ across the street from Arris. A royal PITA.

walked to the community hall, got there at 6 for 6:30 bingo. By the time the first game was underway the place was packed. Which meant big pots for the winners. I didn't even come close, but it was something to do not by myself.

Still need to round up some dinner. Probably something light because there were chips and cookies and mini candy bars at bingo.

Tried to roll over my 401k, but it says I have not been terminated yet. Need to wait till next week, I guess. :-(

Received a gift box from a friend in rural WA. A small sprig of Bay laurel, which needs partial shade, so there's no place outdoors I can plant it. Sigh.

Plans for tomorrow:
To Arris by 10, sign the papers, hand over my badge, say some goodbyes
Give Automation Guy my old A/V unit as a surprise gift
Manicure. Maybe also a partial pedicure, if I can make them understand they are NOT to touch the bottoms of my feet. Because I will kick them, hard.
Eat some more black forest cake
Do some more job outreach

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