Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Throw-it-back Thursday

Woke up at 5 am after a fitful sleep. Pit stop, cranked the heater to 72, back to bed. Got to actual sleep at 6:30. Alarm at 7:30.

Didn't have to pack snacks, so was at work by 9. Automation Guy was wiping his pc, asked me to keep him company, and little by little all the team members gathered. 10 am, upstairs to the conference room, an HR person who has actually worked in the building before led the session. She had been involved in acquiring  the [low-quality] encoder group. She had not done her homework, so each time the standard "see your manager" came up, we laughed because our manager AND his manger were in the room being laid off as well. Plus two engineering managers.

She's a good presenter, as in she is articulate, but she forgot major things and had to be prompted, such as the section on unemployment benefits. And she had no clue about how much less expensive Affordable Care Act is than COBRA. Or even how it worked.

And our expectations had been set incorrectly. The Monday meeting led uis to believe that we would sign our exit paperwork, hand it in, and be paid all out monies Monday with our final paycheck. But no, we are not to sign before Monday, then send it Back East via prepaid Fedex letter, where there is a 7-day waiting period before they process it, so with luck we may see the $$ on the 15th, and the annual bonus will be mid-March. She said the annual bonus will not be much, because the company tanked, but we would get as close to the full budgeted amount as they can.Of course we have no way of knowing if that is true.

After the meeting I took Automation Guy out to the parking lot and gave him my used A/V unit. He was surprised and thrilled. Which was the point. Then we went back upstairs and had a chat with the professional job finder guy who the company has paid to work with us for up to 6 months. It was all going well until a sour-faced engineer joined us. He had all kinds of downer questions.

The chat made me miss the gang going out for lunch, but one of the non-fired guys told me where it was, and I wasn't interested.

Handed my laptop and badge to the executive admin, whom I will miss a lot. She is brilliant and personable and major eye candy.

Next stop, manicure. Something was going on there, everyone was quiet and there wasn't the usual chatter.

Then a sandwich and cream puff across the street, and home by way of the charging stations. It was clear the connectors are too big for my car, so I phoned support from there, and he didn't get it that the Ford only has the one port. He looked up the nearest correct one for my car, and it was back most of the way to where I had lunch. Useless. So I plugged it in at home as usual.

Still getting automation engineer recruiters calling, so I changed all my online resumes to not have the "A" word in them. And changed my voicemail as well.

Lovely day, so I took the paperwork out on the porch to read & sign. Next door neighbor came over to talk my ear off, and play with Spook through the window. As soon as she went to the door, Spook did a lightning bolt to the bedroom. But she came back to the window soon enough.

While I was out there I phoned Kaiser about medicare, and it turns out that it's only $70/mo basic and another $20/mo for dental & vision. She walked me through the 2-part process. 3-part really. Part 1 is send a form from SS to HR for them to fill out confirming I had no lapse in coverage. Part 2 will be to take that to the SS office in San Jose to get it added to my medicare card. And I did Part 3, which was to apply for Kaiser's Medicare coverages online. Technically that can't kick in until I have the paper from SS.

Tried to enroll in unemployment, but the site said it has to wait till Tuesday.

Meanwhile I'm pissed off at the company's handling of COBRA. They promise to pay for the first month's coverage, but they won't send us the forms for 2 weeks, so it would be out of pocket for the first month, and try to get reimbursed. Glad I have the medicare option.

Not much on Tivo. The football "combine" is happening, and again they are boring us with showing sprints by 400# defensive players. Waste of time. Running for more than 5 yards is not in their job description. Then there were three sessions of podium interviews with players & coaches. I watched a few. The Cal and Penn State QBs are articulate and sound like they earned their college degrees. Not so much the Ole Miss and Alabama players. I'll watch more tomorrow.

Got the rent bill, it went up again. Electricity mostly, but also water. Printed a test check from Quicken as well as the rent check. A new design, I've never done the self-printing for the BofA account before. So I cut a check to myself for $10 which I'll ATM deposit in savings, and see if they put a hold on it. If they do, I'll use one of the official checks for the rent. Hate to write by hand.

In completely different news, Janice's adopted village, Silana, on the main island in Fiji was destroyed by a cyclone last week. Utterly. She had a kickstarter going. I'll contribute when my severance pay arrives. They were very kind to me, I visited for almost a week in 1995. My photos are mostly of the kids, because I got sick on the drive into the village and was mostly in bed for the visit. They are all slides, still on their carousels. I should have them digitized. Maybe tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wait for job offers
Hang out at Red Rock Cafe in MV, hear a friend from songwriters' meetup perform with her band. 

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