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Going Federal/Going Postal

Plan A was to be at the social security office in San Jose close to 9 am. Drove to the last park & ride before downtown, took light rail to a block from the office, in my hand was a Fedex envelope meant for corporate, I figured there would be a drop box nearby, and in my shirt pocket were the social security forms to apply for medicare part B.

There was a line. Only about a dozen people ahead of me. After about 10 minutes it was clear that they were taking people one at a time, through a single TSA officer, doing the whole "take off your shoes" thing that is done at the airport. After half an hour and not getting much closer, I bailed, and went to look for a Fedex box. Info lady at the convention center down the block said the Marriott would take care of that, the hotel is connected to the convention center. And they did.

Back to the SS building, not many more people were ahead of me, and at least 8 who were in line when I was were still in line. Now there were many elderly and disabled in wheel chairs and scooters, and there is no place to sit down, and it's chilly out there. Meanwhile the federal courthouse which is the other half of the building had no such line.

I had time to think, and the thought was maybe I can mail in the form. And people with appointments were moved to the head of the line. So I bailed again, took light rail back to the car, and drove home, with the idea that if the form couldn't be mailed, I could make an appointment for Monday.

Home, the instructions said to mail it in. I got the idea to go there in person from the Kaiser advisor, who was just trying to be sure I beat the Monday deadline. Printed up a priority mail label, stuck it on a priority mail envelope, drove it to the PO and handed it in. They used to have a priority/express mail box at the front of the PO, but they removed it, and stupido loco, they had it behind the counter, with the "skip the line, drop it off here" sign mocking the customers.

From there to BofA, deposited a check from my check printing program made out to me, to be put into my savings account. The machine accepted it, even recognized the amount. Will see tomorrow if it get deposited or held.

Home again, loaded the dishwasher, watched some TV - NFL combine recordings which were mostly fluff and FFed. Very sexy woman sharing the couch with Steve Mariucci , trying to be a Sports Reporter. She sounded like she might actually know something about football, but putting her next to the country's leading authority was not fair. Made her look like all T&A&legs. Melissa Stark is her name:

Headed for downtown MV aiming to get there at 7, so I'd be early enough at the cafe to get a seat for the songwriter's show, but it was jam packed, did not look like it was set up for a band, and there was a sign saying upstairs was closed. So I went outside and watched the parade of people. Huge numbers, and lots of new places. The trio of shops which used to house the tropical fish store, "Food Street" cheap Chinese, and a Mexican place which had been closed when the sewer line broke, and they were closed for years, are now a candy store, a burger place and a Paki-Indi place.

Back to the cafe at 7:45, people were going upstairs despite the sign, and yes, that was where the concert was. Got a bad seat way in the back, but the speaker system is excellent so I could clearly hear how bad they were. It was pretty disappointing. Enunciation and microphone technique was totally missing from the lead female singer, and the lead male singer doesn't know how to end a song. They did an experiment which failed - challenged each other to learn to play a new instrument. He chose clarinet, and it was sad. Lots of squeaks, which if you know clarinet, you know it's a talent to do that on low notes. She took a cello, but played it like a string bass. Hardly heard it.

Most of the show was original music, but the last two were standards, and they massacred them. Could not decide on a tempo, or a key.

To make things worse, there were two women a few feet from me who were there for the second band, and they talked in Spanish loud enough to hear each other over the music, for the whole set. And they kept telling people in this over-packed house which everyone had paid $10 to enter, that the two empty seats at their table were reserved for friends, knowing their friends were not showing up for an hour.

I didn't stay for the second band. Went down the block and watched the parade some more, and thought about going to one of the late night places for dinner, but I had not brought my tablet, or a book, so that would have been too boring.

Home, watched an episode of Elementary over home made mac and bow ties and 3 cheeses and sliced hot dogs.

Plans for tomorrow:
Load Fiji slides into boxes, bring them to Costco to be scanned and DVDed.
Maybe hang out at Peet's with the laptop/tablet. I'm reading Trout Fishing in America which somehow I missed the first time around.
Coffee with Janice. Check out her fundme page: https://www.gofundme.com/kuqvc3gk


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