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Not sure how early I went to sleep, but woke up at 5 thinking it was 9, back to sleep and up at 6, then again at 9. Got out the tablet and watched videos in bed till 10:30, and as I was putting the tablet back, saw that Spook had been lying behind me all the time I was on my side looking at the tablet. As soon as I got up, she bolted. And then she came back a couple of times to jump onto the window sills.

Did my morning stuff. There were a few job posts to apply for, but nothing earth-shattering.

Not a lot on the to-do list. Did  a load of laundry - shirts & sheets. Sat down with two carousels of slides taken in Fiji in 1995, and put them in boxes of 50 each (29 in the last of 4 boxes) and took those to Costco. The routine there is to use their kiosks to place the order, then get in line to take the order & slides to the staffer. It was a long line, mostly people having passport photos taken. My timing was bad, there was only the one person working, and passport photos for a family of 4 takes some time. Finally the main person came back from lunch and took care of 4 of us in the time the other one was helping one person.

Next stop was Fry's. Parked in the electric car space, tapped my card on the charger, and it liked the card but it said there was no charger available. The machine has two identical wands, but for some reason they only let you use one at a time. Same as the one in the Sunnyvale garage. So I left. I didn't need anything at Fry's, but if the charger had worked I would have gone in and shopped.

On to Peet's/Specialty's. Really cute girls working today. Much eye candy among the customers. Got a soft drink and a pecan roll, and set those aside while I powered up the laptop and ordered all the meds Kaiser would let me, except for the regular insulin, which I just refilled. The system had not noted that, but I'm sure as soon as I ordered it it would figure that out and reject it.

Put the laptop aside and ate.

3:45, drove to MV, it was crowded in the *$s, but there was a seat in the corner. Pulled out the tablet and continued reading Trout Fishing in America. A truly bizarre book. Someone had an amazing assortment of drugs in his system when he wrote it. And ADD. Easy to stop reading, and start again 10 minutes later, and it will feel like it's a different book.

Janice talked for a long time about her village, Silana, on Fiji, which was literally wiped out by a cyclone last week. She has visited there every other year for about 30 years, and the townspeople were actually building a house for her. It's still standing, but the roof blew off, so it's a mess of water damage now. But it sounds like they are getting some help from the feds, the school is half rebuilt already. The village store was untouched. J has helped put some of the village kids through school. She is still scheduled to go back this summer.

And I filled her in on the gory details of the RIF.

Home, watched an episode of Shark Tank. They ripped a new one for two young people who each had a great product, but one had not thought of all the angles and the other had no business plan and didn't realize it until she was hounded about it. Sad, because she did have a plan, but it was two plans and she was not articulate enough to make that point. And she is very pretty, but she wasn't counting on that to make a deal. Kevin O'Leary is getting brutal in his old age. It would be nice to have him take a month off.

Speaking of taking a month off, my final paycheck and the vacation time cash-out have hit my bank, and ought to be available Monday. My own test check was processed, so now I am comfortable dropping off the rent check. I'm thinking that maybe I should take my own advice and take a vacation when the severance $$ arrives. The one show I'm auditioning for next week has callbacks on the 13th, after that nothing till August.

I checked Fedex, my severance paperwork is already in PA, ready to be delivered Monday. USPS took my priority mail item and instead of sending it to San Jose, they sent it to San Francisco , then back to San Jose today. It will sit in the PO until Monday when it could have been at SS yesterday.

In the mail, finally, was the 3-years-free charge card from Ford. There is nothing close enough to home to make it worthwhile, except that one at Fry's. They list one at a nearby apartment, but I doubt that that's really public.

Dinner was reheated pizza. Dessert was half a slice of black forest cake with half a scoop of ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off the rent check.
1 pm - Mulan Jr. Monkey Cast
4 pm - Mulan Jr. Tiger Cast

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