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Mulan Jr Squared

The plants did not get watered yesterday, so that's what I did this morning. I used to have zero indoor plants, now I have so many I lose track. The new butterwarts and capensis are being very carnivorous, lots of gnats stuck on them, which is why I got them, but there is still the occasional one in front of my computer monitor and in the bedroom hovering around the tablet when I'm reading in bed.

Had my traditional banana and hard boiled egg breakfast. Last one till I buy more bananas.

Dropped off the rent check. Wish they would go electronic.

Noon, went to Sunnyvale theater, for the 1 pm showing of Mulan, Jr. It is only roughly based on the movie, with a lot of choreography added. It looks like everyone who auditioned was cast. I also went to the 4 pm show, which was supposed to be a whole second cast, but wasn't. Close, though.

It's a children's production, but I'm spoiled, when I was a children, our director would speak to us sternly if the show started looking like a children's production, and we would shape up.

The girl who played Mulan in the first cast was very good, she totally nailed her songs and had the earmarks of an actress. The one in the second cast blew a line at the start of Reflection, and was off key here and there. One girl was in both casts as the most vocal ancestor, and she was excellent. I would have cast her as Mulan over the one in the second show. 34 people in each cast, half of them playing more than one ensemble role (dancer/soldier/hun/etc).

The scale was awesome. But a huge cast of children means a huge audience of children, and for the first show my row became a day care center, they all arrived late, and there were not enough seats for all of them in the one row. And they were too stupid to figure out that they would have been better in a block (three rows). I couldn't get out for intermission because none of them would leave, and there were too many children to crawl over.

Second show I sat in the 2nd row, which solved that problem. But again it was a full house, with too many people coming in after the show started. General seating, I think it's time for them to start using assigned seats.

There was one teeny tiny girl in the 2nd cast who was so energetic and had such a bright smile, and was in step for the whole show. I'm glad I got a chance after the show to tell her she was great. Not sure who she is, the program had all their head shots, but I'm not good at faces.

Anyhow, it was not as painful as last year's Little Mermaid.

Home, caught up online, texted with Automation Guy a little. We decided the layoff got rid of only the most attractive employees.

Wrote email to my sisters explaining all the hairy details of the layoff, and realized I ought to take a vacation. Let the job search wait for a bit. I don't want to miss Consonance, or auditions, but maybe I can go somewhere after callbacks March 14, for 2 or 3 weeks. Somewhere with a beach.

Plans for tomorrow:
Not go to work
Drop off a DVD for Janice of her Fiji disaster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlJgQ_jkr4s
Check tracking numbers for the SS & severance papers
Plan a vacation
Work on my audition piece


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