Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Day Nothing Happened

That pretty much says it. High point was watching the garbage truck go down the row of bins and pierce them with a pair of metal bars, lift them to the top of the truck, turn them upside down and shake them, and put them back almost exactly where they had been.

Did my due diligence on the job search. Applied for two jobs, set up a phone chat with an amazon.com recruiter for tomorrow. I'm pretty sure they are looking for an automation engineer, or a programmer, or both, but when I emailed asking for a job description all she sent me was the generic site for the Alexis device. It's a lovely machine which does impressive voice recognition, so if there's a test or QA job for it which doesn't involve coding, I'm there. But I've been through this before with Amazon last week, so I have my doubts.

It was a glorious sunny calm day, I spent time enjoying the flowers and my front porch. Have jettisoned Trout Fishing in America from my tablet, there is some juvenile cleverness in it, definitely drug-induced but nowhere near the quality of other famous addicts such as Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Louis Stevenson, or even Ken Kesey. Meanwhile, loaded an old friend on there, Tom Robbins.  Tibetan Peach Pie, which is autobiographical, and educational. I thought he went to the UW when I did, and we were in a class or two together. But no, he is 20 years older than me, left the UW grad school the year before I checked in as an undergrad, and he left South Bend, WA 8 years before I took a job with the newspaper in nearby Raymond. We have probably never been in the same place at the same time. But I've read all his books except this one, and am enjoying it. It's weird, but in an inspired by drugs, but no longer writing while using kind of way.

Arris sent me my final pay stub and vacation pay stub, so I have that entered in Quicken.

Ford sent me a follow-up on whether the dealership followed up on my not so nice survey. Well, on 2/23 the manager promised to get a check out to me the next day, and here we are 2/29 and no check, so they got a FAIL from me.

Looked at vacations. US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, even Mexico is more expensive per night than San Francisco. There's a cruise from San Diego through the Panama Canal to the Caribbean and Chile, coming back to Florida, and it's in my price range for a 14-day trip even with a cabin to myself. And the right dates. But I don't know...

I checked tracking numbers and both my SS docs and severance docs were delivered this morning.

Dinner was a mess of ha gow which I found in between the cracks in my fridge freezer. Oreos for dessert. Finished the cake last night.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sign up for unemployment
Roll over my 401k
Produce shopping (?)
Talk to the Amazon recruiter
Any other job stuff which comes up
Maybe take my bicycle in to be tuned up. Needs new tires for sure. Not sure if my bike rack will fit on the C-Max

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