Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

No Fish To Fry

Up at 6, back to sleep. Up with the alarm at 7:30. Finished all my morning stuff by 9, had my earbuds into my phone in plenty of time for recruiter call. It is clear she thinks the job does not involve programming or automation, but it is also clear she doesn't know the jargon. After a lovely chat, we decide she will submit my resume to the hiring manager, and she should send me the job description this time instead of the link to the generic product web site.

This took half an hour, I went to Plan A, drove out to Lake Chabot about a 40 minute trip, rented a rod * reel & hook & sinker and a bottle of bait and walked to the first fishing pier on the map, and found this:

On to the next one on the map:

So I found a park bench, sat down and had lunch (2 baloney sandwiches, Gatorade and oreos) then took some access steps down to the shore where other people were fishing, and tried my luck. There were people all around the lake fishing, in boats too, but in the hour and a half I didn't see a single fish come out of the water. More frustrating because the lake was stocked a few days ago.

Brought back the rod & reel and went home. I debated hanging around this huge park for a while, but it was not all that nice a place, maintenance had not been done in ages, and the wind was picking up, temp was dropping and if I left now I'd avoid rush hour. I thought about returning when I get the bike rack, because the trails are easy on a bike (I am not a good walker). But I'd rather be by an ocean than by a lake. Fishing is optional.

Home, played tech support with Janice until it was clear she needed to have AT&T show her how to use email on her new phone. She is allergic to gmail, and doesn't have the tech skills to install a 3rd party email app.

Also chatted with a friend who had an 81st birthday yesterday. And Automation Guy, who has an interview with Apple, so I referred him to the guy the company has hired to answer those questions for us. He says Obamacare will save him $$ over COBRA if he is accepted.

Received the last of the meds from Kaiser I'd ordered. Sent my diabetes doc a thank you for the new! improved! insulin pen needles. They are tiny, and don't bend like the longer ones.

Watched an episode of The Magicians. The main plot was very good. The two sub-plots, not so much. The annoying megalomaniac was not in it.

Refilled the hummingbird feeders. Used the red food coloring. My nature-girl baby sister insists that the birds are okay with clear, but I ran a test a few months ago, and they preferred the red over the clear by a little bit, and even changed which location they preferred when I switched them. Not by much, but it was measurable.

Want to replace my cable modem with one not from the company which fired me,  but the first 14 on Comcast's preferred list are from them. They bought four modem companies in the past few years, and put their name on the modems. One thing I hate about the company is they immediately claim it was their technology as soon as they buy a company. No credit to the company which had actually invented the item.

I'll either go with a D-Link or a Belkin/Cisco. Maybe I'll make a Fry's stop tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on the weather. If it's not raining:
Trim the hedges
Read on the porch

Maybe see Deadpool
Starbucks or Peet's

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