Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Day After Hump Day

Fairly quiet, my only real plan was to trim the hedges.

Until a little after 10, when for the umpteenth time, I was on my Motorola Droid Turbo, hit a wrong key, and hung up on the person. And could not get back to the phone app. After a couple of minutes, I found my way back, but too late. Good thing it was a recruiter wanting me to take a contract in San Diego.

Pissed me off, and reminded me I never had this issue with the Samsung phones, so I did some research and found there was a new Galaxy out, the 7, and it had some features I wanted, like longer battery life. But it won't be available till the end of next week. No good. Looked for the 6, but almost everyone was out of stock. Finally found one with 128GB on sale at Best Buy, so I drove out there and bottom line is the sale price did not apply to me. The ad could hae mentioned that (people with existing contracts), but it didn't. The non-sale price was way higher than I was willing to pay. I already knew they were out of stock on the smaller memory models, so I punched Verizon into the GPS, it took me to a franchise store, which was out of them too. They suggested a real Verizon store, and they had one. But there was a major WTF, somehow Verizon's system thought my account was on hold. Salesclown said he needed to fax a utility bill and photo ID. I told him that was bullshit, there is no way they need that for a phone being paid full price on an existing contract. He called it in, and they were all WTF too, and approved it. Sheesh.

Home, got the phone onto my fast network and let it restore all my apps and settings. It got most of them, I still had to install Facebook (go figure) and my ringtones.

That done, out to the shed with a charged battery, grabbed the hedge trimmers and attacked the hedge in front of the house. Spook watched the whole thing from the center bay window. The noise didn't bother her at all. It wasn't a major trim, just hacking off where the two plants nearest the carport were bigger then the other two. But I managed to fill completely a big black leaves-and-such bag while still leaving a lot of the trimmings on the ground for cover.

Needed to get that done early, weather psychics are saying it will rain late tonight, and we already had overcast and some wind.

Needed a breather, and did more on the new phone, wiped the Motorola, and did some things on the PC related to the phone. The USB won't connect to Windows 10, driver issues, but I found an app which let me transfer files over the network.

While I was finishing hedging, UPS brought the bike rack, which I had set aside. Took that out, and as the light was fading outside, set it up, and it does fit the car well. Took it off the car and stashed it in the shed for now.

Watched some TV, dinner was Boston Market Swedish meatballs, and a lot of cantaloupe for dessert. I had bought this massive melon at Safeway, easily 50% as big as the others, they were priced pear each, not per pound. Sliced up it filled 2 1-gallon ziplock bags.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put the rack on the car
Put the bike on the rack
Drive the bike to Santa Clara and drop it off to be tuned up.
And sometime in the afternoon head over to Consonance. Want to be there for the 5 pm meet n greet and lemmozine's 7:30 concert in the big hall, which I fear will mostly be empty.
I'll be commuting, since it's a very short trip from my house.
Mostly will be listening, but I do have a parody-ette to sing and maybe something else during the 2-fers.

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