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I opened this up an hour ago, but remembered I needed to print out my 2-fer songs. Which meant finding them first, and transferring one from Powerpoint to Word.

At midnight-thirty I woke up needing to pee, but felt odd, like I could not balance properly. Took an Hgl reading, 60, way too low. Ate some ice cream and watched mindless TV, and went back to bed. Morning reading was 118, still low for me, but in a good way this time.

Stayed in bed till almost 10, making up for the lost sleep and insulin reaction drag. As soon as I was ready I put the bike rack on the car, and the bike on the rack, and backed out of the carport, as Automation Guy phoned. The new phone was already paired to the car's hand-free bluetooth. Horrendous siren, as the new car's backup alarm mistook the rack for an obstruction. There's a way to turn it off, but I didn't see it till later. As I was backing over the culvert, it looked like the rack was coming off, so I pulled back in, checked it out, and the strap which holds the rack to the bottom of the car had popped off. Tightened all the straps and tried again. Alarm still works, but the bike stayed on all the way to the shop.

I knew the minimum I was going to pay, about $150, plus tires and inner tubes, but it also needed new handle grips, brake pads and a new chain. None of this surprised me, though I had not expected the chain. So I'll be paying a bit over $300, it should be ready by late in the day Monday.

Almost went to for lunch in that shopping center, but instead drove to the Specialty's near home. After lunch and some laptop time (their wifi was sucking badly) I went home and plugged in the car. It had used all of its charge on this trip. Only had time for 1/4 charge or less when it was time to go to Consonance. 237 was packed, at 4 pm that was a surprise, that's pretty early for silicon valley workers to be heading home. It took some doing, but finally I got into the commuter lane, and from then on it was 45 mph instead of stop and go. Speed limit is 65.

Got to the con at about 4:30, plenty of time to say hi to some friends, especially Dr. Jim. There was a party for him, lots of cake. The person taking over his job has the same kind of heart of gold, but without the outward enthusiasm. Kind of like Steve Jobs replaced by Tim Cook.

Chatted with people some more, mostly lemmozine, then some others when he went off to prepare for his concert.

7 pm I was in my seat for his concert, which was amazing. It looked like muscle memory was playing his first two or three pieces, but he completely brought down the house with a serial punishment of Simon & Garfunkle among others, and then his blind lemming theme song. I was sitting behind Judi Miller, who often does AMISLAN translations for filkers, and she liked those two numbers so much, she signed them both from her seat in the first row, for herself.

Toastmaster Tim Griffin's concert was next, and it's saying a lot that Lem was a hard act to follow, even for him. He had a mix of songs favoring the adults over the children more than usual. He also did his pitch for Griffin Ed with which he gets to wow the prospective big name donors.

The next event was supposed to be a sing-along with all the guests of honor up front, and some fool decided the front two rows needed to be in a semi-circle, so I moved back a few rows.Larry Niven sat next to me. Or rather, next to my spiky dinosaur knapsack which was next to me. It was all I could do to not go all fanboy on him. But it wasn't the time to do so. He sang all the words to Never Set The Cat On Fire, so he's legit. Most of the songs were not sing-along-able, and it was a mercy when that ended.

I took a look at the Interfilk Auction desk, bid on one item, and remembered that I had some items for the table which I forgot to bring. I had brought them to the Westercon, but there was no auction there. Those are now in my bag, ready to go.

Home, it took all of 6 minutes.

Plugged the car in, placed my Moto phone for sale on eBay, caught up on FB and LJ, and here I am.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pick up the Fiji slides & DVD at Costco
Consonance, hopefully by 11
2-fer at 1:30, in between two Golds.


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