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Phone foo

My cell phone woke me up at 4:47 this morning with a ring tone reserved for when a voicemail message is left on my home phone. Vonage VoIP does my home phone service, and they have this (usually) neat hack where any time a message is left in voicemail, it can send a text message to my cell phone.

My home phone did not ring.

The message light on my home phone was flashing.


At 4:47 am my brain does not work too quickly, especially if I have been up till 1 am slugging down salted foods in an effort to cure my car sickness. I couldn't remember the Vonage voicemail access number. But I do have the routine programmed into my cell phone to call my home number and punch the right keys to get my messages. So I plucked the cell phone from its charger, pushed the voice button, and croaked "voicemail" at it. Beep. Not loud enough. One more time. Beep. it doesn't understand crow squawks. Cleared my throat and tried again. Aha!

Waited out the very slow tone dialing, and told it to play the one new message. It was from the Vonage system. It was some babe chirping about Vonage's upcoming IPO. I deleted the message before listening to it because (a) it was effing 4:50 in the morning and (b) I don't effing care about any company going public except the one I work for - and only because if the company I work for ever went public I could get the snow cone franchise Satan promised me.

I tried to go back to sleep. No dice. I got out of bed, went out into the hall, picked up Pumpkin and took him back to the bed with me, hoping he would curl up and pur and help put me to sleep. He just made a rude noise and jumped off the bed and went back to the hallway.


Figured if I was up, I may as well write this incident up on LJ. Turned on the PC, got distracted by some email which said none of my video boards had sold on eBay, so I went and re-listed them at bargain basement prices. And I bid on a couple of sapphires. And saw that the cell phone did sell, so I boxed it up and printed mailing labels. By now it's 6:30. I Completely spaced on the LJ posting, and turned off the computer.

Tried to go to sleep, and just as I was dozing off the lights went on (they are on a timer) and the radio and TV came on. It must be 7 am. I shut those all off, but it was too late. I was not going to get back to sleep.

Took some Dayquil to wake me up, but it didn't.

Now it's almost quitting time at work, and I'm finally getting around to posting this because it's the only thing keeping me awake right now. I was planning on going for a haircut after work, but maybe sleep would be a better idea. My hair will still be too long tomorrow, I can get it cut then. Unless I decide to go to the poscasters meetup.

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