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From Fiji To Milpitas

Slept better than usual, up at 6:30, back to sleep till 9. Watered all the plants. When I first moved in, I had 4 plants hanging in the kitchen windows. Those were fried by the sun, and have been replaced by 4 more of a more full sun variety.  But that was it.

Now I have those, plus one more in the office, and two more in the livingroom/piano room, plus 4 orchids, and close to a dozen carnivorous plants. It's a bit more of a chore than it used to be. It rained a little yesterday, and a lot today, which means the gardens are okay, but there are 5 plants on the porch and 3 of them ought to be watered. Tomorrow.

When I got up, I checked the app which shows how much charge my car has, and it was saying it was waiting for the charger to turn on. I apparently had forgotten to click the switch which I'd installed at the outlet. :-( Flipped it on, then got dressed, took my meds and went outside to put my HOWEIRD plates on the car. Last night in the mailbox was the DMV registration with the new tags.

In an hour I was off to Costco, and the charge didn't last much of that trip. Picked up a pair of DVDs made from slides I took on a trip to Fiji around my birthday in 1995. Silana, the village I visited after my scuba trip, was destroyed in the recent cyclone, and it occurred to me that some of the folks there might enjoy photos of happier times. Lots of photos of kids, who would be college age by now.

Went to Consonance straight from there, only a few minutes late for Cheshire Moon's talk on preparing for your first time on stage. 90% of it was more about what a seasoned pro will do, an excellent example why it's rarely a brilliant idea having an expert teach a beginner's class. I don't think any of the newbies understood what they meant about checking your pedals, or could identify with bringing your own favorite microphone. It was an okay session for someone moving from two-fers to a half hour set. Or for a local filker going on the road.

Lunch was had in the con suite, Larry Niven was in earshot of me and lemmozine's banter, but he didn't join in.

Went to see the two-fers. Jane was her usual loud self, though not as witty as usual. Bela's daughters were adorable, and sang quite well. They have been coming to filks since before they were born, some of it may have rubbed off. Paul sang with a mandolin accompaniment and a harmonica player, and as usual it was musically excellent, and mostly entertaining. Something about a cat. Barry & Lee Gold were next, and I am always pleasantly surprised at Barry's rich bass-baritone voice and enunciation, but Lee acts as antidote. Their 2nd number ended in a somewhat stretched-for moral. I was next, My Bromance was a big hit, lots of laughs. Donating Blood Again not so much. Should have sung Marlene's version first. Last was Lynn Gold & friends with a couple of disgusting excrement songs, in honor of Dr. Jim's recent ass-ectomy. Her heart is in the right place, but it wasn't her best effort.

Next up was the Interfilk concert, a German woman who writes the same tuneless bardic non-melody for all her songs, and has yet to discover the concept of a bridge. It was dead boring. Except for her between song banter, which was fun when I could hear it.

Interfilk auction was not bad. For a change many items went for prices I could have afforded, but as usual things got out of a reasonable price range for the more unique items. I ducked out just in time to meet lemmozine for dinner. It was raining hard and the wind was blowing so we ate in the hotel restaurant. Obscenely overpriced, tiny portions, molasses slow service. One highlight for me was seeing the bartender 86 a hooker. Always enjoy Lem's conversations, they tend to take giant twisty intuitive leaps.

Back to the con, concert by Cheshire Moon. 90 minutes of Dark™. She has a great voice, plays her electronic violin well, but during the whole set I never came close to cracking a smile or being entertained. He kept squeeing over the guitars he was playing (some borrowed) but all he did was strum. Boring. They were much more entertaining in the morning.

The open filk was almost empty, the themed filk was a theme I wasn't interested in, led by the boring German woman. After petting a couple of dogs, I left.

Home, fired up the PC and transferred the photos from the DVD. They are horrible. Time in the carousels was bad for them. I posted a couple for Janice to see, will work on them more in the coming week.

Delivered was the check from Capitol Ford. It wasn't cut until two days after my second survey FAIL was submitted. The one which said it shouldn't take a week to cut a check.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Consonance after lunch, for the second set of 2-fers. Jeff & Maya have a 1-hour concert, followed by Rock Jam aka Jeff & Maya & friends. I may or may not stay for all of that.

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