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Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

Slept well, not surprising because I didn't get to bed till after 1:45 am. Grabbed my tablet to order an iPod on eBay, discovered I had done that last night. I remembered searching for one but until I saw the order I had forgotten I'd actually paid for one.

On a lark, I plugged the dead iPod into the PC, and it gave me the message that its battery was in need of charging. Not dead yet. So I let it charge, and fired up iTunes to confirm it had all its content. It's now back in the car, but I think I'll need the replacement since there is no reason for it to have lost its charge, the car constantly feeds juice to that port.

The first dead iPod is plugged in now, just out of curiosity. I think I see the "charge me" symbol, very faintly.

Got out of the house before noon, drove to the ATM and deposited the check from Ford. Thence to Consonance, in time for the 2-fers. Early, actually, because the hotel couldn't get the folding room divider folded.

This time there were more concert-like entries. Aahz explained that those things on his head are the external part of the cochlear implants, and sang a brilliant parody of Greensleeves. Off key, but not badly. Then he exceeded his time limit with demonstrations of square dance calling to non-square dance music. I forget the first one, the second was A Friend Like Me from Aladdin. It was a valiant effort for a deaf guy, but frankly I couldn't see actually dancing to those calls. A couple of people in the back tried, but ended up just flailing away in free form. I forget the order, but there was a woman from Seattle who had self-written songs about Hunger Games and some other fandom I don't follow. Nice enough voice, could be more tuneful but her phrasing saved it. Some pro trio was up, Kristoff & Margaret were their usual pleasant brilliance, and Jeff & Maya greedily grabbed a set - not very nice of them since they had a concert after the 2-fers. Wrapping up was one very young girl who sang along with two contemporary songs played from her lapptop and I assume Youtube, so there were some "downloading" error messages which she handled well. Good voice, lots of poise and cute bunny ears headphones. Or maybe ear muffs. Tim Griffin held the laptop for her. Fight Song was one of them.

Next up was Jeff & Maya. They did a mix of old favorites and cuts from the new CD (released last night). Nobody rock guitars better than Jeff, few people sing better than Maya. When they brought the daughter up to sing, she sounds a lot like Maya, better in some ways, and if she keeps practicing she'll be better in all ways. There is something very eye-catching about her, I haven't nailed it down. Here's one of the oldies I love (a sample clip):

During a lull in the action, I bought a couple of boxes of thin mints from Bela's wife, who was sitting in the back with a cartload of cookies.

Not interested in the Rock Jam, so I went to the con suite, and chatted withlemmozine, and helped reduce the amount of food as they closed up.  We continued our conversation by the elevators, overlooking the pool and the Cisco campus, then down to the con level till it was time for me to leave. I probably should have stayed for the Dead Dog filk circle, but just wasn't feeling up to it.

Instead went across the street to Ranch 99 market, and bought some Asian food. Bought a roast duck, some BBQ pork, steamed buns, and a couple of pounds of Longans from Vietnam. And some huge limes.

Home, took the garbage out, plugged in the car, put most of the food away, and made dinner from some BBQ pork, duck and a fat bomb. Also tried a couple of what I thought were filled chocolates when I bid on them at the auction, but turned out to be white faux chocolate filled with hazelnut butter. Not so delicious. Had a couple of thin mints as an antidote.

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser, see where my Medicare coverage stands
Fry's - buy a Netgear cable modem
Sell my Arris modems on eBay
Pick up bike from the shop. Looks like rain, probably won't ride it.

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