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Still Up In The Air

This is coming to you from a Netgear cable modem, because using one from the company which fired me did not seem right. I'll sell the old one (two, actually) on eBay. I suppose this is the time I have been needing to sell so many things on the table behind me. That was my first trip this morning. Went online Fry's had the best price for the bottom of the line model, walked out with one closer to the top. And a clip-on case for my phone, now that I'm wearing T-shirts more often with no pocket.

Next stop, Kaiser. According to the customer relations person, my account is still active as is, no changes since 2013. She advised me not to apply for COBRA as it could disqualify me for Medicare Part B.

Automation Guy called to chat. Looks like his Apple interview is going places, but not his Lab 126 one.

Email said my bike was ready, so I strapped the rack on the car (much more stable this time) and headed over there. My Discover card was declined twice, paid with my Visa. Rode the bike out to the car, only a few yards, but I hand-planted getting off, they had raised the seat about 6". :-( It didn't help that the car approaching decided not to make way for me, forcing me into the empty space next to my car. No damage.

Home, in the mail was a lot of stuff:
- Unemployment approval. I'll be getting the max amount. First check in 2 weeks I think. Cali doesn't do the direct deposit thing. :-(
- Kaiser form says I need to give them proof of Medicare Plan B approval. Weird that the customer relations person didn't have that in my file.
Logged into "mySS.gov" hoping to see status on that, but they only showed Part A active, with spaces for C and D, nothing for B. I may have to phone them.
- COBRA form, warning me I only have 60 days to sign it and send it in. Hoping I won't need it.
- Another Jockey underwear catalog
- 401K rollover forms. Nothing which could not have been done online.

Lowered the seat on the bike to where it had been, put the bike & rack in the shed. The old rack will be a Goodwill item.

Pardon me while I switch off the car charger.


The speedometer/computer for the bike was dead, it took some doing to replace the battery because the manual shows a slot in which to insert a coin, but there as none. Opened it with a fondue skewer. Had plenty of those batteries on hand. Also took some doing to set the time, the two buttons to push are on the back, but you have to see the front to do it.

Today's light rain reminded me one more thing I love about the new car. They wipers start up by themselves. There's a rain detector. I don't have to think about it.

Printed off a copy of my theater head shot/resume and the audition form. It asks for three director contacts for those who have not performed in this theater. I found three who are still alive & would say good things about me. And then it occurred to me that I've worked with this director before, he won't need references. Put all that together with my audition music, and parked it by the carport door.

Also put my song for the meetup over there.

Watched another episode of Elementary. They are making a person with early stage MS a regular, it looks like. This is near and dear to my heart, as one of my favorite UK cousins is about the same age as the character, and was diagnosed just after her wedding, about 10 years ago. Her husband ditched her, and since he was her business partner, she lost her business. She has since not just learned to cope, she has become a spokeswoman across the UK and Europe advocating for more intelligent treatment by national health services of people with unpredictable, "invisible" diseases. Here's a clip of her:


Also watched the final Mythbusters episode. A total waste of air waves. All they did was blow things up and destroy things. What made the series great for me is they blew things up and destroyed things to prove (or disprove) a point. There was science and planning behind their hijinks. This time they seemed to have one goal, and that was to get rid of a huge stockpile of explosive powder, and old props which they didn't want to store. They also stiffed their supporting staff, giving them maybe 6 seconds of air time in passing.

Dinner was more duck, pork and steamed bun. Cantaloupe for dessert, fat bomb for a snack. Threw away the auction-won alleged candies.

Late email from the second Amazon recruiter asking when was a good time to call, I replied with most of tomorrow. Later email saying they already hired for the one position in Sunnyvale, nothing left but Seattle, which I'd already told both recruiters I was not interested in.

Speaking of Amazon, ordered more of the anchor hocking glasses which are my main ones. And some coated Vitamin C, because the uncoated ones get stuck on my tongue. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Mail the 401K form
Dentist at 12:30
Songwriters meetup at 7:30
Maybe some eBay in between
Maybe take the bike out for a ride around the property, if the streets are dry

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