Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

First Full Week Outa Woik

Boss texted me to see how the job search was going. His isn't doing well either, but he has a new house to get stuff done in, which is keeping him busy.

Slow morning. One recruiter hit for something at Verizon which won't work because it requires 24/7 rotations. I'd decline that one last week with another recruiter. Did not hear back from the guy who insisted that I needed to reply to his email before he could submit my resume. Email never received.

6-month dental appointment, just a cleaning. Did some shopping at the Chinese supermarket next door. Really nice mangoes.

Home, delivered was a torn Amazon box with a mess of bubble wrap around another box with divider inserts, and 12 intact heavy drink tumblers. A miracle, they match the ones I have. I only needed six, but they don't sell them online in batches less than 12.

Clouds rolled ink, a little bit of rain, temps dropped so the bike will stay in the shed. Looks like that will be all week. :-(

Evening, went to the songwriters' meetup. Several no-shows, including all the instrumental electronic music bozos. Everyone who showed had an actual song. I did my Falling In Love Again/Donating Blood Again  routine the way I should have done it at Consonance, and it was very well received.

We also established that the final song of the night may or may not have needed the E chord. I said it spiced up the tune, it was a Chipotl-E. But maybe it is bad, it could be an E-coli. 

There and back there was enough rain to trigger the automatic wipers.

Home, dinner was Boston Market beef&pasta, cantaloupe, fat bomb with coconut water. Watched the news, and the weather channel, which has switched from their own app to weatherunderground.

Doing a load of laundry. It'll stay in the dryer tonight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nothing specific. Probably a good day to hang out at Peet's
Memphis audition downtown San Jose 7:40. Probably will sing Old Man River.

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