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Damn El Neener-Neener!

Monday I paid almost half the price of a new bike to get mine resurrected (new chain, tires, inner tubes, brake pads, handlebar grips. Various alignment and lube activities. Ultrasound bath) expecting the predicted sunny couple of days after the rainy weekend. It rained Monday, was too cold & drizzly yesterday, and ditto today. Looks like it will be like that all week/weekend. Boo, hiss.

The good news is the rain and somewhat spring-like afternoon temps have made some of my Cali poppies & Bee's friends flowers bloom. And the flowers on the hedges. Mint is springing back up in the garden where I yanked out all the above-ground mint weeks ago. Somehow the zinnias all fried,  but everything else is blooming. Even one of the lime trees. There is new growth on the Laurel sprig which crowblog sent to me.

Phoned Social Security, the choice was to be on hold for 35 minutes or get a callback in 45. I chose callback. They called back close to that time, but had no record that I had applied for Part B. She said it can take 60 days. That's obscene.

Was not as productive as I should have been. Watched a lot of blather on the NFL network which expected an explosion of free agent signings, but didn't get anything big except (big surprise) the QB which Denver did not let play in the Superbowl after he'd won enough games to earn that berth while Manning was out has moved to Texas. Lots of mindless speculation about two walking wounded QBs, Colin and Robert, as if they had not both been injured.

There were some jobs to apply for. Including the one at Netflix I did 5 years ago. If the same manager is in place they won't call.

Mostly watched videos when I should have been on the exercise bike and selling stuff on eBay.

Delivered were two small packages from Amazon: a dozen 82 proof 3 ounce Scharffenberger chocolate bars, and a big jar of 1000mg coted Vitamin C tablets. Not sure they are better than the uncoated ones, they are 1/3 bigger.
Tried to research local county fishing spots on my Nexus, but the format is aimed at mobile phones, pretty much unreadable on a tablet. Will try later on the PC.

Left at 6:40 for my 7:40 audition appointment. Massive traffic jam where 101 meets 880 and 80 and I needed to get from the commuter lane on the left across 7 lanes of traffic merging toward me. Not fun. Got to the hall at 7:05, just as I was getting out of the car the phone made noises, it was the fellow in charge of auditions asking if I received all the info. He was happy to hear I was there, and after processing my paperwork he asked if it was okay to go right away (apparently they had open slots) so in 5 minutes he brought me to the big empty auditorium with the grand piano on the stage and the director, choreographer and music director at a table facing the stage. The director said he was happy to see me (it's mutual) - I did a show he directed exactly 20 years ago. We see each other at shows often enough, and are FB friends. The choreographer is world famous, but I don't think I've worked with her. The music director is a new face.

At the last minute, like sometime this afternoon, I decided to go for power instead of cute, and ditched Falling In Love Again for Old Man River. I was helped enormously by the accompanist, my 2nd favorite one in the area, a joyful man with the fitting name of Bob Sunshine. He put as much heart into the piece as it deserves, and except for the high note I lived up to it. He gave me a "bravo" as I left the stage.

But before leaving, I had a piece of copy from the character whose part I was going for. I was not nervous, but someone had not told my legs that, they were shaking. I stayed upright by keeping one hand on the piano.

It's my favorite bit for that character in the play, so less of a cold reading than it might have been, and I did as good with it as I could.

And that was that. Home at - get this -7:40.

Dinner was defrosted lobster and mixed veggies, and dessert was a whole mango sliced up. It's just not the same without sticky rice & sweetened condensed milk. Irony - I bought the mango at an Asian supermarket, and even looked at the condensed milk before deciding not to trust the brand.

Started to watch the news, but they were wasting the first half on the Bernie/Hillary debate. Why are they even debating? All it does it reinforce what we've already decided.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe take the bike out, if the sky doesn't cry
Maybe find a fishing spot
Maybe get a manicure - it was due today
More job hunting


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