Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Disappointing Day

Round 2 of my fishing experiment was to look for places closer to home. Santa Clara County Parks web site shows a big reservoir lake which allows fishing, but not boating, up the hill a bit from downtown Milpitas, within (theoretically) the range of a full car battery round trip.

It would have been a very short drive except PG&E has decided to needlessly bottleneck the off ramp from 237 into Milpitas, by putting up cones and lane closed signs before the very not-closed on-ramp to 880 northbound. So everyone who had positioned themselves to go from 237 to 880 had to suddenly merge with the backed up traffic, and then half a block later, un-merge again to get to to ramp. Added 10 minutes to the drive.

Got to the lake, and it was much much smaller than to photos on the web site, which appears not to have been updated in 5 years.  
Web site:

My photo:

The bench they are sitting on in the photo above is the one between the two leftmost willows.

Those rails are meant to allow people in wheelchairs to fish.

Long story short, there was zero access to the lake shore, nobody was fishing. The lake does not have any surface water feeding it, probably depends completely on rain.

I stayed a couple of hours, but left when it started to look like it was about to rain, and the John Deer tractor pulling a mower/mulcher got too annoying. SO much for peaceful.

Home, I did get rained on going across 237, but it was only a trace and didn't reach home.

Delivered was the replacement Tivo, which is now set up and running, and the bad one is boxed up and will be dropped off at UPS tomorrow. Also delivered was my latest order of insulin, including three cold packs and a sheet of heavy foam insulation. USPS priority mail, special delivery on my front porch, but no mail in my mailbox.

Went to see Deadpool 5 pm show. Only 5 of us in the theater, I guess it has run its course. I loved the opening non-credits. Some of the writing was very good. The romance was utterly predictable, in a good way. Well-choreographed violence. The story is told out of sequence, with strategically placed flashbacks which I don't think worked better than just being chronological. I loved the gratuitous strip joint scenes. Every now and then I noticed they were trying to be cute with the choice of background song. When we got to the closing credits, I was amazed at how many I had missed, and pissed that they scrolled past them too quickly to read. The two-shot easter egg after the credits was very Canadian.

Thought I was going to finish the duck for dinner, but half of it needed to be frozen. At the park I ate one of the 2 baloney sandwiches I made, and some oreos on the drive home. Breakfast was chicken bullion with won tons.

While I was at the movies, on of my former co-workers phoned. I called her back, she is getting the same recruiter calls as me and the other non-automation guy. And she points out that there is some cruelty in laying all of us off, because we are competing for the same scarce jobs. She has a phone interview for the same Amazon Alexa job from the same clueless recruiter. It's a job for a programmer, and we are not programmers.

She had been with the company 11 years, about a year of that was a series of maternity leave, and they gave her 33 weeks of severance. Which may disqualify her for MediCal. She's waiting to hear.

Email finally arrived from a job placement person which the former company paid to help us. Two weeks after the lay-off. I am not impressed. And she's a contractor herself. And she had us choose a phone appointment time, and she wants us to call her.  I am even less impressed. 15 minutes per call, but she's allowing 45 and 60 minute slots for those who feel the need.

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser, fasting blood test after 10 am
Pack my laptop, and hang out somewhere till my 4 pm eye appointment.

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