Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Medical Day

Fasting blood test, Plan A was to be at the main lab around 10-10:30, having last eaten at 10 pm. My morning Hgl was only 90, so I went light on my morning insulin. Good thing, too. Got to the main clinic/hospital and the parking maze was a huge mess. People were parked in the aisle with flashers on, blocking one-way traffic, just hoping someone comes along and pulls their car out of that row. The lot is a maze to begin with. Finally extricated from that, and tried the garage, which had a sign claiming there were spots on the two lower levels, but there were not.

So Plan B, drive to Mountain View, smaller clinic, but plenty of parking. A bit of a wait because they only have three chairs in the vampire cave, but not too bad.

I should have gone across the street to the bakery/coffee shop and had something to eat,  but inertia set in and I drove home instead. Had the baloney sandwich I didn't eat at the park yesterday, a pickle, and thin mints.

Spent some time online hitting "block sender" on Indian recruiter email. As I was finishing up, a woman in Sacto called, she is a recruiter, and has a job at Dolby downtown SF she thinks my resume is a fit for. The job description was for Audio Superman, including writing software to help tie 3rd party devices and Dolby audio together. That part isn't me, nor is the budgeting and supervising junior engineers part, but after reading the thing, it seems like someone pulled the catch=all Engineering Supervisor job description from the HR files, and sent it out with not enough customizing for the actual job. So I told her to go for it. Full time perm, at my last salary level. Not too thrilled with it being in SF, because that means an hour+ commute. But there are advantages too.

She thinks they will get back to her sometime early next week.

That done, it was time to go back to the big clinic for my ophthalmology appointment. Afternoons the parking is less hectic, I know not why, but it only took 5 minutes to find a spot. So I was half an hour early for the pre-appointment. It was raining a little, and the wind was blowing a little, but there are dry benches in front of the main entrance which make for excellent people-watching.

The preliminary exam says I'm still 20/20 or better, irony is the only line I could see with my left eye was the smallest one, the stroke curtain hid the all the chart above that.

Eye drops applied, and out to the hallway waiting area to wait 15 minutes, which would bring us to my appointment time. But there was an unscheduled semi-emergency snuck in ahead of me, so I didn't see the doc until 20 minutes late. He did the usual exam, said nothing has changed, make an appointment in 6 months. And he also scheduled me for a carotid artery ultrasound on the 23rd, just to see if the eye stroke might be a symptom if an impending major stroke. I haven't had any stroke symptoms, but it's a good idea to check. 

It's not like I have anything else on my calendar. :-(

Again, I had the laptop in the car, thought about hanging out in a coffee shop, but it was raining, they would be crowded, and I just wanted to be home.

Dinner was home made chicken soup which took a long time to defrost. Finished the longons for dessert, and added some thin mints. Been drinking my home made lime soda.

Watched some TV. Kind of freaky that the Weather Channel and the Science Chanel were both re-running their viral videos feature. Flipped between them for a while, got bored.

In the mail was my first unemployment claim form. It covers last week and this week, and should result in actual $$ next week.

Still nothing online from SS about Medicare B. Found nothing to apply for on the CAJobs site. Those were gleaned from LinkedIn and other job boards I'm already on. Pretty much a waste of time.

Forgot to mention yesterday I got email from the theater, I did not make it into the cast, much less to callbacks. Not surprised, there was only one part I might be cast in, and frankly it needs someone 20 years younger with a better TN accent. The email did say to try out for future shows. Looking at next season, there are no roles for me except in the holocaust play. I don't do holocaust anything.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lowe's/Home Depot shop for a better toilet
Janice coffee with her Fiji DVDs

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