Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

What do you mean, weekend?

So I found myself online at 1:20 am, which is not a rare occurrence, but when my Boston cousin asked me on FB if I had insomnia like her, I told her it was not quite 1:30 am here and I was waiting for it to become 3:00 in half an hour.

So I did.

And I went around the house changing all the clocks. About half of them just needed a DST switch set, some needed just the hour changed, at least two needed to be rolled up a minute at a time. I retired all my internet radios because the lawyers ruined that for me, but I was surprised to discover that the atomic clock connection in the weather station on my night table, which had never, in the 20 years I owned it, synced before, had automatically updated.

Got to sleep shortly after that, Spook "helped" by attacking my feet. Only woke up once, at 5:30, and again when the alarm went off at 7:30. I should have disabled that. Back to sleep because I needed it, and at 9:30 the lights came on (that's my weekend programming) and I felt very confused, thinking it was Monday. Took a blood sugar reading, it was a very low 60, so I grabbed the last Klondike bar, sat in the recliner and turned on the TV morning shows. There was a story about bulldozing an apartment complex on a hill in Pacifica which was about to slide over the cliff into the ocean. After the story, the anchorcreature said that the weekend update would continue "right after this", and I'm all "Weekend? What weekend?" It took a few minutes (like maybe 15) for the ice cream to click in, and I remembered it was Sunday.

Back to bed, not to leave it again till 1 pm.

Did my usual morning stuff, and after a bunch of "should I? Shouldn't I?" I drove to Lowe's, found exactly the toilet I was looking for (it advertises that it's tall and it can flush a bunch of golf balls without clogging). But there was no one around to help me order it and arrange installation. I went to the customer service desk, they paged the guy, he called back and claimed he was with a customer. I went back to his section, and there was no one helping any customers. So I left, figuring I could just as easily order online. More easily.

Next stop, Safeway, stocked up on ice cream, lactose-free milk, sugar free preserves (yesterday while pulling some crackers out of a cabinet, a glass jar of apricot preserves fell out onto the floor, a whole 2 inches, and shattered. It left a jar-shaped glob of orange goop on the floor. And lots of little shards of glass).

I did not buy an ice cream cake, $20 seemed usurious. Also did not buy a black forest cake, because they had none. Almost bought a German chocolate cake, but decided that while this was my childhood favorite, they no longer make the cake with devil's food, it's barely chocolate at all. Unlike the BF cake.

On the way from the car to returning the cart, I thought there was something I could get at Rite Aid next door, but the thought flew far away, never to return.

Last night at CVS I was disappointed to only see milk chocolate hollow bunnies. I prefer dark. Maybe that was it. Somehow I think not.

Home, watched some TV. A NatGeo special on cats caught Spook's attention for about 30 seconds

I love this photo!

Went online and the toilet was selling for $30 more than the in-store price, and no option to install it. :-(

It has been raining lightly all day, but it has been warm, so I sat on the porch in the rocker and nodded off a few times. Finally it got nippy and the wind picked up, so I went inside. Caught up on way too much online stuff.

Still have not had dinner. Had a late lunch of the rest of the home made chicken soup from yesterday, with added water, bullion and won tons. And I've been drinking a lot of the lactose-free chocolate milk I bought at Safeway.

Took out the garbage & recycles. Cut up a bunch of boxes, bundled them for pickup and set them alongside the recycle bin as directed. And it started to drizzle again. I hope the cardboard doesn't get soaked.

My short trip meant a short re-charge session for the car.

Today also was the all-day full backup of my E drive, the one with the photos and DVDs and all the big stuff. A little over 2.5 TB. So the PC was on all day.

Email from the unemployment office said I could do my forms online, so I did, since the snailmail version I mailed yesterday may not get to them in time.

Plans for tomorrow:
Expecting indecipherable east coast Indian recruiter calls way too early in the morning.
2 pm I'm supposed to call for my 15 minutes with the career counselor
Maybe we'll hear back from Dolby or one of the other jobs I've applied for
Lowe's, maybe on a work day there will be someone working

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