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Since I have the day off...

My doctor wanted me to re-test blood potassium levels, and BP. And she prescribed a new med based on the BP test I had a few days ago. That one was done by a volunteer at the main clinic, using a machine. It was slightly high on systolic, but okay, even a bit low for diastolic. The prescription showed online as not refillable, and not orderable by mail. So I went to MV and had the blood test, the pharmacy was able to put my new med into the loop, so I went upstairs and had the BP done by ear. It was normal. Lower than normal. Downstairs it took about half an hour for the med to show up.

Since I was in downtown MV, lunch mecca of silicon valley, at 1 pm, I drove to the parking garage and found no parking at all, and a steady stream of cars circling but nobody pulling out. Same thing with the parking lots. So leap of consciousness, took Middlefield to where I used to use the laundromat, had a banana shake & a brownie (lunch) at the lovely Clocktower coffee house, and then went next door to Top Nails, and had a manicure. I had not been there since I moved away from MV in 2011, but the whole staff was still there, and they all remembered me, especially the Thai woman. Nice place, very nice people, I wish it was closer.

Next stop, Lowe's, found a trio of large starter cherry tomato plants, plus a pair of very odd looking flowers which fit exactly my full sun/low water needs.

The orange flowers. Planted them where the zinnias died. To the left is mint, at the bottom right is rosemary.

Tomatoes planted. Last season the vines grew past the top of the trellis.

Tangentially, when I trimmed the front hedge a couple of weeks ago, it was very aromatic. Looking at the garden and comparing it, the hedge is some species of rosemary.

Next gardening chore was going to be to shovel out the redwood chips and pour in garden soil into three square cutouts along the carport. Obviously they were intended to contain a bush in each one. But when I stuck in my trowel, it sunk all the way in, and the redwood is only a scattered top layer, the rest is rich topsoil. So I didn't add anything, I just used the trowel as a tiller, softened the soil & mixed it up a bit. Into each one I scattered a few seeds my sister had sent. We'll see what grows, if anything.

In other news, just as I was about to call Lowe's this morning, the installer called, and we're on for Monday morning.

Automation Guy called, we chatted for too long. He had an interview with Apple, and was surprised at how young an clueless the interviewers were. And that the manager "had an emergency" and didn't show.

I got a call from a recruiter for a job I'd seen elsewhere, but it looked like it needed a programmer. His job description played that down, so I told him to submit me for it.

And glory of glories, when I checked online, social security has added Medicare Part B to my list of goodies. So I phoned Kaiser's medicare office, and let them know. I faxed them a screen shot of the web page, but she said that's not as important as them verifying with SS.

Very disappointed with Obama's SCOTUS nomination. Harvard again. Middle aged white guy from DC. Merrick Garland - can you come up with a whiter, more privileged name? Gag me.
Did not take the bike out. Should have. Got caught up in the Robbins book.

Watched Ghostbusters 2. Bill Murray getting the girl is even more unbelievable the second time around. Rick Moranis got some high billing this time. My friend Robin Navlyt was in the credits in the ILM section, almost missed it because she was one of 4 names in a block of miscellaneous actors. IRL she was the person inside Slimer's suit.

Just now checked the steamer, the sticky rice is done. I was going to cut up a mango and have a second dessert, but the sweetened condensed milk would not pour, it was a sickly beige. Use by date on the bottom was December 2012. Will have to buy some more.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ride the bike
Chinese market for sweetened condensed milk
More job stuff
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