Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Day Nothing Happened

Dead boring day. Did not go anywhere, spend any $$, watch any DVDs.

Been sleeping better now that I've turned my sleep number from 55 to 35. Did that because after my bicycle fall a couple of weeks ago, sciatica has been bothering me in bed. Softer bed helps.

Spent a lot of time applying for jobs, mostly to get my resume out there. Intel, Cisco, HP and a half dozen smaller companies. No recruiter calls today. Did get a reminder of the job search skills class next Wednesday.  And that I have a ticket to see Miss Saigon in Redwood City tomorrow night.

And the Thai meetup group is aiming for a Sunday 11 am coffee klatch in Mountain View. I may go. Waiting to see who else responds, because the last 2 times it was just me & the organizer and her non-Thai-speaking husband.

Spent some time on the porch, happy to see all the poppies blooming, and being excellent ground cover for the roses and trim in front of the hedge. Hummingbirds have been feeding on the salvia & pincushion flowers which I can see through the office window. I tried to take a picture, but Spook jumped in front of the camera.

Lunch was horrible sweet & sour chicken frozen meal Safeway house brand. Dinner I made macaroni & bow ties with hot dogs and cheddar.

Not a fan of baseball or basketball or hockey, so TV is wall to wall boredom.

Probably should have ridden the bike again, but my butt hurts from the last time.

In the mail were two envelopes from Unemployment, one with a full sheet of paper with three lines of text telling me that because I earned $ on the 29th, my payment for that whole week is $0.00. The second one had a full sheet of paper with three lines of text telling me I have been paid $450.00 for last week. Except for this piece of paper, the envelope was empty. I was expecting a check to be in there.

So I went online, logged into my account, and all that said was what the paper said. It took three click-throughs and some reading to find the phone number to call about payments, and after about 4 layers of robo-answer the recording said that in 4-5 days I will get a VISA card from BofA which will have the money on it as soon as I activate it. They will simply deposit to the account every 2 weeks. How convenient.

While I was at it, I logged into my Kaiser account and cleverly hidden on the page which did not list my coverage was a PDF dated yesterday which said they had been told to terminate my coverage as of two weeks ago.  There was nothing new about Medicare.

And so it goes.

Still being entertained by Tom Robbins. Reading out on the porch was chilly at noon, but pleasant later when the sun came around to the front of the house.

Plans for tomorrow:
Water the plants. There are two less, my original pair of orchids have been dying.
Check the longon seeds - they are allegedly germinating in a pair of ziplock bags, wrapped in moistened paper towel.
Redwood City - probably will drive. Would like to take the train but the play runs pretty late.

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