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Got Sleep?

After work I took my tired body to a beauty parlor in downtown San Jose which was advertising free haircuts with every massage. So I had my hair trimmed and got a mediocre half-hour massage, all for $40.

Then I went home, had some crock pot curried chicken on a bed of chopped spinach (rice is mostly off my diet) while watching the previous night's Daily Show. Then I went upstairs, did the minimum on the computer and went to bed at 10.

Except for being woken up by Pumpkin tromping on the bed at 2 am, I slept well till 7. And actually managed to get out the door around 8:30 for my bike ride to work. I feel fine, thank you very much.

The only plan for tonight is to pack for my trip to Seattle tomorrow afternoon. There's a podcaster's meetup near Mission College tonight, but I'm not sure if there's a good way to get there from here on the bike or light rail.

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