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eBay Prep and a musical

Another night of good sleep. Spook did her usual 3 am disappearing act, to return at 9-ish as I was trying to watch videos in bed.

Finally got around to organizing all the things I want to sell on eBay, photographing them, and Photoshopping them into presentability. Took enough time to microwave some gluten-free wings for lunch, and postponed creating the eBay auctions till tomorrow so I would have time to relax on the porch, admire the poppies, & pare down the bee's friend bushes to only the upright ones.

Grabbed a jacket & hat and drove to Redwood City. Got there just before 5:30 while there was still plenty of parking in the pay lot near Broadway. It cost 40 cents for the part of the hour before 6, when it's free. Walked around a bit, thought about the Spaghetti Factory but was looking for something less tomato and cream laden, so I went to my favorite place in that city, Cafe La Tartine. Had fish & chips, which turned out to be three large battered fish fillets so I mostly left the fries on the plate, and their very chocolate chocolate cake. It is also jam packed with delicious staff in tight jeans. And often delicious customers. Made the cake last as long as I could, but still needed to kill some time on Broadway's park-like benches people-watching before it was time to go to the theater.

House was supposed to open at 7:30, but didn't. The cast was still on stage belting out two numbers. My seat, on paper, looked like the best of the cheap seats, first balcony row toward the center, but there was 3" less room between the wall and the seat than my feet wanted. Very uncomfortable. Luckily my whole row was short/skinny Asians, so I didn't crowd anyone.

Miss Saigon for the second time. First time was in Palo Alto a couple of years ago (or was it last year?) with a very young and astoundingly talented Kim, and a very talented Engineer. This time Kim was played by a friend from Little Shop, and while I love her dearly, her voice was not quite up to it, and she is too old for the part. This Engineer played it like a clown, which worked for much of the audience but not for me, and ironically the fellow who Engineered in PA was playing the stuck up macho man whom Kim was pledged to by her father, whom she was running away from. He was great.

The orchestra was excellent, but the conductor led them as if they were the center of the show, drowning out 3/4 of it.

They spent a lot of time and $$ on projection equipment and scrims, using projected images instead of backdrops or flats. The technology was fantastic, but the art work was just plain awful. Low resolution, and the projections rarely matched the scenes. And when they did, it was over the top.

As usual, audio mostly sucked. No feedback, but lots of distortion.

After the show it was great to see & hug my two friends in the cast, and say nice things to the Actor.
Delivered in the mail:
The Unemployment VISA debit card, which I authorized by phone and the robot said it had the first week's dole on it
The 401K rollover check, which must wait till Monday because the brokerage with my IRA doesn't do weekends.
The letter from Kaiser, dated March 17, officially saying I had no coverage as of March 1.
A note from my brokerage inviting me to the AT&T annual stockholders meeting, in Missoula Montana.
Plans for tomorrow:
Thai chat meetup if enough people sign up
Coffee with Janice (find out how her snow-covered Yosemite trip went)
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