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To Do --> To Done

Very restless night. Ear worm from Miss Saigon, and feeling bad that Kim thought I did not enjoy her performance, misreading my Facebook posting which ripped the tech side and orchestra. Hopefully corrected that impression this morning with a text.

I thought it would be easy to make an 11 am meetup in Mountain View, but the sleep thing bit me, and I was 10 minutes late. I was the only one there besides the organizer, but that was fine, we had a chance to chat in mixed Thai and English with Hebrew, Arabic and French snippets. Sometimes the phrase you are looking for is in a language other than the one you are currently speaking. Her pronunciation needs a lo of work - she has the tones better than I do, because she learned to read first. But her speaking comes from the very lame transliterations in Thai dictionaries, which do things like not pointing out that "ng" is  single sound. For example, the Thai word for snake is ngu which she pronounces n'gu. And she cannot hear the difference when I pronounce it correctly. But that's why we meet, to share & improve.

Home after, even though I had a 4:30 appointment in MV. Needed something resembling lunch, and a load of laundry to do, and on the way home I picked up two 7-packs of seed starter cups in handy plastic containers.

So instead of turning on the computer, I filled the cups with potting soil, and water, and each one of the first set got a longon seed, and each cup of the second set got 2 local green pea seeds. Put both of those on the table by the bay windows. Maybe something will sprout.

Traces of rain started when the meetup ended, so I gave organizer a ride home. Not far if it isn't raining. It leaked on my car all the way home, and throughout the day.

4:30 at Janice's, he backup drive was not showing up on her PC. It took a while, but the cause was a mess of wires, mostly power cords, which needs to be cleaned up. After we got everything plugged in again, it was working.

Then to Starbucks, where she filled me in on her Yosemite trip, and her problem child (she helps a single mom with twins). And the Fiji village which she has a 30-year history with that was destroyed in the cyclone last month. I had a tough time explaining to her that the difference between a savings and a checking account which we grew up with has been obsolete for a decade or more. Used to be you st aside savings in an account which bore about 5% interest, but your checking account cost a few dollars a month unless you maintained a balance in savings. Now the savings interest rate is a laughable 0.01%, so you may as well keep it all in checking, unless you get free checking by transferring to savings each month. I suggested she look into funding a debit card for the shop owner at that village, instead of sending cash. Unemployment gave me that idea. My uneployment debt card has a photo of Yosemite on it, I think that helped my cause.

Home again, this time I really did start selling stuff on eBay. Took a break for dinner - DiGiorno Pizza - and then finished the job. Two cable modems, one with wi-fi router and one without; two NAS 2-bay enclosures, two SSD drives, a tiny 500GB and a larger 1TB, and a wi-fi router. More to get stuff off the table than to make money. I also have a Motorola Droid phone up there, but it is on its 2nd re-listing without a bite.

Watched some of the lady Yukon veterinarian on Tivo, and a Shark Tank episode.

Plans for tomorrow:
Toilet installation sometime between 8:30 and 11
Scottrade, deposit the IRA rollover check
Check Kaiser for status again
Log in to Medicare and set up my payment for part B (usually they take it out of Social Security but I'm not claiming any yet)
More job huting
Get a massage

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