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Another restless night. Up at about 12:30 am feeling like maybe I was having an insulin reaction, but my Hgl measured high - 224. Back to bed. Spook had been sleeping at my feet, but when I got up she followed me into the kitchen and never came back to the bedroom.

Up with the alarm at 7:30, I'd already moved rugs & furniture away from the toilet. The installer had called and said to be ready at 8:30, for his 9-11 window, so I was, but he didn't show up till 10. I was surprised it was just the one middle-aged guy, hauling toilets is heavy work. He didn't use a dolly, either.

The job was done by 11, he said use the other bathroom for 24 hours (the grout needs to set). Not a problem. The new john is shorter than I thought it would be, but not by much.

As soon as he was done I hopped in the car and took my 401k rollover check to Scottrade, where they processed it and gave me a receipt. They said expect to see it show up tomorrow.

By this point I was very hungry, so I took my laptop into the Safeway a few blocks down and got an iced mocha & a croissant at the in-store Starbucks, which has more seating than most dedicated *$s stores. Fired up the laptop, job hunted and Facebooked. 

Next stop, Great Clips two doors down for a haircut after parking the laptop in the car. And then back to Safeway for a major freezer re-stocking (I was out of all the good frozen dinners & wings) and also bananas & cantaloupe. Turns out they had a sale on the latter pre-cut-and-peeled and plastic containered, 3 for $12, each container about a melon's worth, with whole fresh melons selling for $4 each. Saves me the cutting and disposal-ing. Also got some soft cheeses and a sourdough baguette (tomorrow's lunch) and some more pocket pita, another lunch (I have lox & Hammas in the fridge). Paid for it all with the EDD (unemployment) debit card.

Next door was Petco, I checked to see if they had any of the cat calming spray, but it was under lock & key and way too expensive. Spook had hidden in the guest bedroom closet while the toilet installer was here. I'd like to see her get more comfortable defending her home. Probably not gonna happen.

All through this trip it was raining, which surprised the heck out of me because yesterday they were forecasting sunny skies till Thursday. And this time it was more than a trace. NOAA's Los Altos site says 0.20". Sounds low.

Home, delivered was a Samsug Galaxy player (think Android's answer to the iPod Touch). I'd bought it to see if it could replace the iPod Touch I'd bought to use in the car, but it won't recognize a micro-SD chip, and doesn't have enough internal storage to store any significant music. I tried 64GB and 16 GB, but really wanted the advertised max of 32, so I went to Fry's. This time the electric charger was free, so I hooked the car up while I was in the store.

Next on the agendas was a massage, and I lucked out this time and the person assigned to me actually knew what she was doing.

Home, tried the 32GB chip, no change. It won't mount or format. I'll email the seller and ask to return it.

Then a light awned, and I took out the laptop to see if I could install iTunes on it. It worked fine. Plugged in the iPod Touch, and it worked, no errors. Next step was to re-install iTunes on the big PC and plug in the Touch to see what missing file it was complaining about, because whatever it was, I knew it would be on the laptop. And guess what? iTunes installed without errors, and the Touch connected without errors. So now I'm uploading all my music to it.

What else? Talked to Automation Guy. He said Apple turned him down, but it was an entry level job, which the recruiter had not mentioned. He has an interview this week at Amazon, though. He's still waiting for his unemployment insurance debit card.

Dinner was the last of the Boston Market frozen dinners from my last shopping trip. Ice cream for dessert. Watched half an hour of "the 101 Best Gadgets Of All Time" - 45 to go. The order they are in is a major WTF, and when it comes to computer storage inventions they are way off base. They think the first floppy disk was the not-floppy-at-all 2.5" version. And they rated it higher than the CD. And the zipper.

Checked my eBay sales, one bid, three items have watchers, all have at least 5 views.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nothing specific.
More job hunting, such as it is. Maybe at the local Peet's/Specialty's
Try the new iPod Touch in the car
Maybe take a stab at replacing the broken motion-sensing carport light. I have the replacement in a box in the laundry room.

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