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More space less clutter

Went to bed early so woke up early. But it didn't help much, just made me look for ways to make up for it.

Thing the first: Dumped a bunch of frozen mixed veggies in the slow cooker, added a cut up onion, several cloves of garlic, water to cover, tore up some fresh basil from the plants on the dining table, and some bay leaves and Thai lime leaves from the trees on the porch and tossed them in. Atop that went one of the two corned beef briskets I got on sale, and on top of that the pickling spices which came with it, plus thyme, and dill seeds. Set the cooler to slow/8 hrs.

Finally hauled out to the car the broken all-in-1 printer which had been occupying too much space on top of a pair of empty storage tubs in my office . And with it a set of 4 SIM cards which failed to sell on eBay a few times. And some electronic junk which had been on the dryer for months. Then I grabbed two trash bags and filled one with old shoes and the other with working electronics, and put those in the back seat.

Drove to the dump SMART Station and recycled all the broken and un-sellable things, then a couple of miles to the nearest Goodwill drop-off, and handed over the two bags. That drop-off is near the Chinese supermarket, so I stopped in for mangoes The mangoes and longons, but the mangoes were harder than baseballs, and they had no longons.

But they did have huge carrots, mushrooms, a potato and a bunch of celery which had "corned beef slow cooker" written all over them.

They also had huge limes for 19¢ each, but I already have enough.

Home, chopped up a carrot, potato, mushrooms and some celery and added those underneath the brisket.

Relaxed on the porch with Tom Robbins, watched some mindless NFL network blather, and then went online and did some more job searching.

More porch, more blather, and then back online to connect on LinkedIn to the last two recruiters who had found good video jobs for me. Looked at another recruiter in the video space who had emailed me a lot, but he's strictly LA, and never got me as much as a call-back, so I'll leave him unconnected.

One of the biologists from yesterday's class hit me up for a LinkedIn contact, so I added her. I had sent her the biologist job description yesterday, telling her I knew it wasn't the kind of job she was looking for, but the recruiter was. She struck me as a very good candidate.

Browsed FB, saw that two of my friends were in a play tonight, bought a ticket.

Killed time doing something online which kept me occupied, I forget what. Oh wait, now I remember. I looked at the possibility of going on a short vacation next week. Puerto Vallarta first. Way too expensive both on Alaska and Southwest. Half Moon Bay seemed like a good compromise, but also way expensive for the good hotels, so I booked just Mon-Tue, check out Wed am, in the least expensive one convenient to the whale watching boats. Looked for whale watching or fishing trips, but nobody is going out on weekdays. Boo, Hiss. There's a nice beach nearby.

Picasso At The Lapin Agile was much better than a play by that hack Steve Martin ought to have been, but like all of his stuff, there were really no memorable lines, the comedy was all from built up running gags which "you had to be there" to laugh at. One of my friends had a tiny part which was all about one of those gags, and she stole the show for her 30 seconds on stage. The other friend pretty much mailed it in, though she had a lot more stage time and as much opportunity to shine. There was someone allegedly from BASFA playing Einstein, and he was excellent (actually everyone except Picasso was superb) but I have no idea who he is. I don't recall seeing him at BASFA meetings. He's a very tall, wide person who resembles Penn of Penn & Teller, so he'd be hard to miss.

In the audience was my crush Elizabeth. We got in some hugs and a chat after the show. She lights the place up. She lights me up. Long ago she LJBFed me. :-(

Home, dished out some of the veggies and cut off 1/4 of the brisket, grabbed some horseradish sauce and had a delicious dinner. Veggies needed salt, which I didn't add. One would think that with all the spices...

And here I am.

Just checked Kaiser's web site, it shows I am now fully Medicare Part D covered. It also shows a bill which I already paid.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drive to Bayshore park, set up my camp chair and watch the RC copters and planes.
UPS, drop off the RMA defective android music player
Try to reschedule the ultrasound - have to call Kaiser to find out what it will cost.


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