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Mister Eclectic

Flushed With Victory

About the only significant thing that happened today was after reducing my Immodium intake, the toilet got a couple of chances to show its worth, and I am impressed.
One of the challenges in not working is how it affects my diabetes. I'm not at my desk noshing all day. At my last job I would have a cooler full of snacks, and while they were mostly healthy things like nuts and apples, it was an all day event. Lunch was almost always going out for something which was maybe not so healthy, or maybe just large portions. Not being at my desk with snacks all day means I'm missing meals, eating less, walking around more, and this results in better, lower blood sugar levels.

And that effs up my diabetes control. Because now my usual mega-doses of insulin are too big for what I eat and exercise.

This morning at 4:30 I woke up covered in sweat from a bizarre dream, feeling confused. It took a few minutes, but I remembered that confused often = low blood sugar. Turned on the lights, went to the kitchen and yes, Hgl of 67 and dropping. My target lately has been 100. That's down from 150 a few years ago.

Self-medicated with Klondike bars while watching something inane on the Weather Channel. Or maybe it was one of the History channels.

Back to bed around 5, maybe a bit before. Slept like a log till 9. Levered myself out of bed at noon.

That reading was 140, which is pretty good for no meds/insulin all morning.

Took my meds, once again the Vitamin C got stuck in my throat.

Did some job-finding stuff, there were a couple of email lists to look at. Everything this morning was for jobs I've already applied for.

Spent a lot of time on FB, mostly trying to be a Voice of Reason™. The media has so horribly misrepresented all the candidates and most people on FB are either too lazy or not research-savvy enough to check the facts. I think Cruz is gutter slime, but unless he is placed on actual Presidential ballots (not just a candidate for the nomination) there is no way the Supes will take up the case of whether "natural-born citizen" means born in America, born of an American citizen, or, as in the case of Macbeth, not delivered by Caesarian section. And as horrible as some of Trump's pronouncements have been, reports claiming psychologists have analyzed him as a narcissistic psychopath just don't understand what narcissism is. As much as he may love himself, he doesn't lay by a reflective pool all day adoring himself to the detriment of all other activity. And face it, a person needs the ultimate amount of self-confidence to run for President.

I hate it when people who are on my side make me embarrassed for them.

In other news, Bernie's huge win in WA was no surprise to me. The state's Democrats are very liberal, and the many arch conservatives there wouldn't be in those caucuses, they would be either at the GOP ones, or one of the splinter party gatherings, or bunkered in their survivalist camps.

I finally shut off the PC at about 3, went out to the car intending to get some coated Vitamin C at Walgreen's , realized I had not checked the mail, and there was a bunch of it so I brought it inside. Included was my annual "your rent is going up by 5% in August" letter, a couple of credit card applications, yet another Geico ad, and my new Medicare card with Parts A&B noted. With that came a letter telling me how I could create a login on "mymedicare" online. Which is how I applied for part B in the first place.

Back outside, drove to Walgreen's. Just for grins I started in the Easter candy aisle, they had very few Lindt bunnies, none of them dark chocolate. But they did have chocolate-filled Cadbury cream eggs. I made a note. Target only had the other flavors. It took a while, but finally found Esther C coated Vitamin C. 500mg because the 1000mg tablets looked like horse pills.

And on my way to the cashier snagged 4 (4/$3) chocolate-filled eggs.

Thought about going to Starbucks, the laptop was still in the car from yesterday, but instead went home and set up the laptop on a TV table on the porch.

Lee and Cal came home and chased their elderly dog down the block. They keep forgetting to put his leash on, and that while the dog is old and slow, they are old and slow too. Lee complimented me on the poppies. They are bright and pretty, and they also provide really good ground cover for the roses. And they will pop up again each year.

My droid phone finally sold on eBay, I boxed it up and will mail it Monday. And I printed this month's rent check. Will probably drop it off Monday.

I wanted to see my old co-star Lesli Margarita in her one-woman show at the Nikko in downtown SF, we last worked together in 1986, she has since starred in two London and two Broadway shows, won an Olivier Award and this is her first time performing back "home". The $40 a seat was not an issue, but the $20 food minimum, 18% gratuity, long drive, and parking was. And I'd rather see her in a big theater show than a lounge act.

So I stayed home, and found two absolutely horrible TV shows to flip between. One involved a gang of fat white rednecks in camo pants who thought the "old woman of the woods" was out to get them, and they would have to fight her with possum rifles after waiting till after dark in hand-made huts filled with faux Native American artifacts, while dressed in what they thought was Native American garb and war paint. The other was about crab fishermen who were playing pranks on each other, sometimes on other boats (costing the other boat a lot of their catch) but usually on shipmates.

Fell asleep watching those. I blame the hummus and pita and lox and goat brie dinner which filled me up pretty good. Banana & cantaloupe for dessert.

Spook went crazy and burrowed under the sofa throw & pillow, and posed for me for a couple of minutes with just her tail hanging out, but as soon as I pointed the phone at her, she came out from under, and put her tail under where my foot was about to go. She let me know how much that hurt.

Re-arranged the shed, took the two storage tubs which I'd last used a year ago to haul mulch from the dump, from the office floor to the back of the shed. Found the bungee cords from the last 2 cars, and the beach blanket, and put those in the hatchback. Also found a place for the wet/dry vac which did not block the bike.

In other painful news, I emailed the conductor of Ye Olde Towne Band and copied the two other Euphonium players letting them know that the eye stroke makes it impossible for me to continue.

Plans for tomorrow:

Put the bike on the rack and drive to Baylands Park. Hand in the form which goes with my season pass. Bike around a little, maybe bring a picnic lunch.
Take out the garbage.

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