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Not So Bloody

As far as I know, I shed zero blood this Sunday.

My nervous tick has receded, probably because except for the out of work thing, most of my stressors have done likewise:
- Medicare Part B has been achieved
- Kaiser's Senior Advantage (parts B & D) has been achieved
- Finally sent The Email® to the conductor & my fellow Euphonium players that I am dropping out of Los Altos Ye Olde Towne Band, and received a kind reply from the conductor
- Have a season pass to my favorite local park
- Made a phone appointment with the career counselor for next week
- Re-made an appointment for an ultrasound and got a reply from my ophthalmologist about it.
- Sold some stuff on eBay
- A bee has discovered the Bee's Friend flowers I planted. I hope he tells his friends. He also liked the poppies.

It was another late start day, on purpose, had some eBay stuff to monitor, and there was a lot of activity on FB. Early in the day I did my annual ceremony of biting off the ears and the tail of a Lindt hollow dark chocolate bunny. Posted on FB, my sisters suggested using it as a shot glass for bourbon. But that would not work with the hole where the tail use to be.

Packed a picnic lunch, did not take the bike because it was too cold & windy, and drove to the Baylands Park. Handed in the form for the season pass (I already have the pass on the windshield) and drove past my usual parking spot because it was full (several Easter groups) but found something close enough at the end of the lot. Took my camp chair & cooler & set up in the general vicinity of the RC planes. Only one guy was flying, which is good because without warning a bunch of Hispanic kids & parents came running like banshees out to the end of the lawn, right past me. It had been seeded with easter eggs. They found some, but not nearly enough to suit them.

A couple more RC flyers showed up, and the wind picked up too. I was impressed at how stable the quad copters were.

In less than an hour the noise from the India Fest in the event area down the block finally got to me. I was tempted to call the cops to have them turn down the volume, I should not be able to hear every word of something a mile away. But it was cold and the wind was whipping up, and I wanted to get home to a wi-fi connection and research quad copters.

Which is what I did. Took the laptop out on the porch, but it was cold and windy there too, so soon went inside. And then back out again to water the lime trees, the bay laurel and the fuchsias.

Grabbed the real camera, and took photos of all the gardens. Got some great shots

Delivered in the park box was new bylaws for the HOA, with a note that they want to raise the dues from $3 a year to $6, with a $2 discount for couples. They do a lot with the dues, and I think it's still a bargain at $6, but would prefer $5 for simplicity's sake, and because doubling the dues is Bad Form.

Took a second dark chocolate bunny (I had 7), chopped off its head, filled it with 70 proof Southern Comfort, about two shots, I think, and toasted my loving, smart and talented sisters. I hardly ever drink, this was enough to get me a little bit buzzed.

Took out the garbage, and the recycles (some of them from the dishwasher) and thought that if CalTrans' stupid slogan "buzzed driving is drunk driving" is true,

 then buzzed taking out the garbage must be drunk taking out the garbage. I am happy to report I was not caught, ticketed, beat up or shot.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off the rent check & let them know I have a new car
Get the two items which sold on eBay tonight ready to mail, and make a post office run.
Fry's, take a look at their huge selection of quad copters. Can't tell from the online ads how big they are - they always photograph them against a plain background with no way to judge. I know I probably want "RTF" as in Ready To Fly, but that's about all.


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Mar. 28th, 2016 11:48 am (UTC)
I went to a huge fly-in about 3 years ago. My doctor flys RC Helios.

Pretty interesting. It takes a lot of skill to fly one. I have driven 1/4 scale race cars about 20 years ago. Lots of fun, very expensive.

The radio frequencies have really come a long way, too. My doctor has tried to talk me into getting one for a couple of years. I did not see any old ladies flying any at the outing we went to.

Good Luck.
Mar. 28th, 2016 10:41 pm (UTC)
I'd say the best reason to do it is that you don't see other old ladies out there. We need more old ladies doing technical stuff.

I did my research, and bought a beginner's model and some spare batteries and parts online. Should be here by Wednesday.
Mar. 29th, 2016 10:59 am (UTC)
Good point on the old ladies, lol.

I am looking forward to hearing about your flying skills.

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