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Sale Day

Another low blood sugar episode, at about 2:30 am. 67 again. I wonder if I have been forgetting that I already shot up, and have been double-dosing on insulin. Because I don't think I have been eating that much less and I know I have not been exercising all that much more. As usual, that poops me out for most of the morning. Speaking of poop, the toilet continues to work where the previous one clogged.
First OAB was Fry's, because I needed anti-static bags to ship the SSD drive, and also padded (bubble wrap lined) bags for similar items. And while I was there, see the quadcopters and maybe buy one. They don't sell the brand which I had tagged on Amazon, but they had a huge array, from tiny toys indoor-only for teasing the cat (for about $10-20) to full fledged "You must register with the FAA" ones for as much as $5k. Two niches were most well-represented: The high-end toys for <$150 and the not-quite-drones for $150-500.

I looked up online the ones which had descriptions on the boxes that looked good, and found one on the shelf marked at $150, but being sold on Amazon prime at $80 and $95 from different merchants. The saleswoman who offered to help did more to confuse things, including telling me they did not sell the spare batteries (she only looked at the very limited rack in the copter section, they probably have them over in the extensive battery aisle).

I took my purchases to the cashier, who said they would not honor the Amazon price because it was not sold by Amazon, even though it was fulfilled by Amazon. They get to keep that copter. When I got home I bought the same one for $80, plus a package of 3 batteries and a triplex charger, and replacement motors (per a suggestion from a web site for newbies) and spare blades. Altogether, Fry's lost close to $200 by not living up to their HUGE banner "we will match internet prices".

Wrapped up my eBay sales, took them to the PO and then came back home. Spent the day mostly indoors, it was cold outside. And very windy. As I was watching the NFL channel, I looked out the window facing the neighbor's carport, and it was wet. I saw Lee out there doing some gardening, so I went outside to tease her about watering my house. And was amazed to see it was raining. It was coming from clouds very high and far away, just a trickle, but there had been a brief downpour which soaked my side of the property but completely missed her side. Classic cold front. Rarely see that here, it's more common further east.

Apparently it snowed on Mt. Hamilton (lick Observatory). Chance of precip today had been 0.

Got a call from Automation Guy, he had interviewed at Amazon, and they were going to let him know today. As we were talking, I got a call which I thought was from Kaiser, but was from yet another incoherent Indian recruiter. Automation Guy called back, he got the job! And now he is just waiting for the official offer, $$ and stock and such. I knew he would land something good quickly.

As for me, nothing.

I'm glad I canceled the Half Moon Bay reservations, it was cold out there today.

Most of my eBay items went unsold, so I re-listed them. Two of them sold in minutes at the new buy-it-now prices. I'll pack those up tomorrow.

Five of the 7 pairs of green pea seeds I got from the library have sprouted. They are in seedling cups on the dining table. None of the longon seeds have come up.

Green arrow peas. The longon seeds are in a twin set of cups off to the right.

Watched an episode of The Haunting Of... which is usually total blatant showmanship and horsepucky, but this one was around Meatloaf (call me "Meat") and contained actual new information among the pucky. It was a visit to the studio in which Bat Out Of Hell was written and recorded. Actually a large house which had a studio built into one of the rooms. The new info is Meatloaf saw the ghost of a young woman who fell out of a tree and died during one of his concerts, which prompted him to take a lot of one of one band member's sleeping pills in a suicide attempt, but his buddies hauled him to the nearest stomach pumpery, so he lived. Also imagined by both Meat and the Long Island Medium sound-alike psychic was the ghost of some angry anal retentive who died in a car crash, and apparently was one of the production team pissed off at Meat for not sticking with the original compositions. Or arrangements. Or something. And Meat's mom appeared at the foot of his bed when she died. He had run away from home, IRL she did not know where he lived.

Dinner was lasagna and ice cream. Not in the same bowl. Successively, not congenitally concurrently.

Plans for tomorrow:
eBay - pack and mail two items
3 pm phone session with career counselor, who finally agreed to my request to connect on LinkedIn, three working days later. I don't expect much, except maybe closure.

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