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They're Fired

Finally had my 45-minute phone consult with the career counselor who was supposed to meet me in person for an hour, but somehow couldn't see her way clear to doing her job. She tried hard to defend the craptastic presentation from last week (a different person presented, but it was her company's horrible slide set). I was expecting a placement service, but she said "we don't do that", so I'm done. There is no advice she had which I had not already done, the only thing I need at this point is a shortcut to finding someone with a job for me.

I thought we were talking in confidence, but she blabbed my comments about the poorly done slides to the presenter, who emailed me with the standard "we want to improve, so please call me" bullshit. He's in his 50s, the organization boasts 35 years, if they haven't improved yet they are not going to. No answer will be forthcoming.

Here's an example of one of the slides which drove me crazy:

What's wrong with this picture? I should note this is a B&W copy they gave us of a color slide, so ignore the 15 shades of grey.

Another 45 minutes of my life I won't get back.

And she lies on her LinkedIn page about having worked for Stanford's MBA program. I said we must have a mutual friend, and named a wonderful woman who starred in a show I directed a few years ago, who has worked her way up the ladder in the Stanford MBA program administration. Counselor hemmed and hawed and bottom line is she never heard the name. Which tells me she really didn't work for them.

Earlier in the day, I was unable to fit one of the eBay items into a medium sized free USPS box, so I drove there and picked up a couple of large boxes, and some more mediums. Wrapped up two items, slapped on labels and back to the PO to mail them.

And home almost an hour before it was time to call in for the counselor. I hate waiting.

Tried to phone Kaiser to see if there were any cancellations I could move my appointment to, but after 10 minutes on hold, deferred it to tomorrow.

Mail person was way late, and in the mail was yet another stupidity from Discover Card. Do they not know how insane it is to mail pre-printed blank checks? Sheessh. My shredder is almost full.

Delivered by OnTrac was a small envelope with the water filter tester I ordered, but not the filter itself.

Amazon says the copter will arrive Thursday.

Did not do anything else useful today. Dinner was steamed dim sum. Pam is much better than parchment paper in the steamer.

Last night was very sleepless, went to bed too early. I locked Spook out at 10:30 or so after she did her usual tease of joining me on the bed and then bailing when I started to pet her. She scratched at the rug outside for a while, but gave up. At about 2:30 I woke up to pee, opened the door a crack, and this time she stayed on the bed. And when I woke up at about 9, she let me pet her.

We played catch with her fuzzy ball & her Kylo Ren mouse, which I think may still be in the bath tub.

Lots of stuff on FB, including the demise of Patty Duke, who was one of the most talented and marketing-savvy child stars of my generation. And one of the most addicted and apparently abused. IMDB says she was just done with a movie which wrapped and is aimed at a next year launch. Something about an intestinal injury, according to her hubby. 69 years old didn't used to be too young, but I guess now it is.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check the weather. Maybe a trip to HMB will be possible. Probably not
Hang out somewhere with the laptop. Library?
Call Kaiser again
Fruit shopping?

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