Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Boring Day Was Boring

Too cold & windy to go to the park, let alone the beach, so I stayed home. Asshole recruiter in India (using a hacked SoCal phone number) calls at 7:15 am and again at 8. This same asshole kept calling and calling about a month ago, back then I told him never to phone me again.  He doesn't speak English, barely can write a coherent sentence.

He also sent email, claiming the hiring manager from a month ago wants to "communicate telephonically" with me. I email back (at 10 am) that I am available for a phone call from his client all day, please email me the name of the person I should expect to call. He emails that his manager will email me the client's name.

There was no email, no call for the rest of the day.

There was FB and LJ and Twitter and other email, and even some interesting programs on NatGeo which ought to be on Animal Planet. It was a no news day on ESPN, the NFL channel spent hours saying there has been no change in the 49ers' QB plans.

It was sunny and clear, and that helped counter the chill and the stiff breeze, so I worked on my face tan on the front steps, and got to feeling really good about all the effort I had put into the rose garden and poppies and all that two years ago. Tomorrow I think I'll throw some garden soil onto the bare spot behind the bee's friend flowers, and plant some marigold seeds. I have about a million of them.

Went back past the end of the carport & shed, and saw blossoms on 2 out of 3 tomato plants. The Green Arrow peas on the dining table are growing in huge spurts, I don't know where I will plant them outside. I think they need a trellis. Tomorrow I think I'll dump the longon seed pots onto the table, and see if any are even alive.
Spook knows I'm bored, and she has helped a little by playing with her ball near me. And leaping up from the rug, clawing at my arm while I'm in the recliner.

Sometime before dinner a light dawned and I remembered that the HMB park has a campground. I looked for reservations, but nothing is available for more than one night at a time in the next week. Except for Mon-Tue, but my ultrasound is Tue. I forgot to call today to see if they had any sooner appointments.

The person in charge of the Contact Con art show has not returned my ping, so I am not gearing up for that. It's gotten to be an old, tired conference for me. Hmmmmm -  There is no mention of an art show on the web site.

Delivered today was the water filter replacement for the container I have in the fridge. I'm in no rush to install it, need to test the one in there first. Also delivered was the set of 3 spare copter batteries and a 3-ganger charger. I plugged those in and they are now all fully charged. Also in the box was the spare blades & blade guards and four tiny spare motors. Newbie help pages say these motors last up to 10 flights, at 8-10 minutes per flight. I doubt at first I'll have it in the air that long.

In the mailbox were three Kaiser envelopes, big enough for an 8.5x11 sheet folded in half the short way. 8.5 x 5.5. All three contained one sheet, each sheet telling me things about my new coverage I already knew, written for people who had never been on HMO coverage before, let alone Kaiser HMO. This after last week getting a pamphlet from them on how to stay on Kaiser after my company-paid coverage ran out. Much wasted paper & postage.

Plans for tomorrow:
The Call™, or email making excuses. 
Phone Kaiser to reschedule the ultrasound for this week
Fruit shopping.
The quad copter is due to be delivered.
Photo shoot at 7pm. The model they have hired is very limber. Most of the shots will be NSW, but you can see them if you are a Flickr member and on my contacts list. The host says we will be doing some specials - patterned light filters - after the initial regular model shooting.

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