Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Bloody Sunday

The reason is TMI, suffice to say I made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow morning. My PCP is out till Wednesday, so I'm seeing someone else in the same clinic. So much for having no plans for tomorrow.
A quiet day. I slept straight through the morning, aided and abetted by not hitting the sack till 2 am. The change of bed sheets to non-microfiber may have helped. These sheets have been on the shelf so long they still have Pumpkin's fur on them. Pumpkin died in 2012.

My Hgl was below 120 this morning, another pleasant surprise.

Since I had no plans till late afternoon, I didn't get dressed till about 2 pm. Watered all the indoor plants, swapped the scraggly plant hanging in the office window for a more robust one on a stand in the livingroom, after pulling out a couple of pounds of dead leaves and branches. I'm not such a good indoor gardener.

Also set up the new ironing board in the bedroom and ironed all the shirts which needed it, even the ones hanging in the closet, not just the ones on the floor from the last laundry run. Spook was spooked by this, especially when I put all the shirts on the bed for easier access, and kept pulling them off the bed, She meeped at me each time I removed another shirt from her pile.

After I ran out of things to do online, it was time to look on the white board random to-do scrawls. Put on shoes and drove to the Walmart supermarket at the Mercado center,  with one thing on my list: paper towels. Before I got to that aisle (last one in the back) I picked up stuff which was on my internal list of "buy it if you see it". Laundry detergent packets, Lysol-like disinfectant spray, 1000mg timed release smaller-than-a-horse-pill Vitamin C, paper bowls, paper plates. Looking at the prices, the stack of 300 plates was significantly less expensive than the stack of 140§ , "Stacker" kosher pickles (pre-sliced lengthwise, great for sandwiches). Two impulse buys: $1 Payday king size candy bars, 69¢ cans of corn§§.

Home, plugged in the car even though I'd only used 1/4 battery, because there would be another trip later.

Put away all the things, except the corn and the paper plates. Opened the packaging for the plates, and went to stack some in the cabinet, and discovered § they were too small. No wonder they were so much less expensive than the 140-plate stack.

§§The corn was for Spook. The last time I had corn for dinner, I threw a couple of kernels on the floor, and she ate them. So I opened a can, poured about a dozen kernels into the dish which used to be for her treats before I decided she was eating only treats instead of real food, and set it down near her food tower. She looked at it briefly, then hopped up onto the bay window sill to guard the house from the oncoming Mongol hoards. So I popped them into the microwave for 30 seconds, and put the dish back. Still no interest.

4:30, headed to MV to meet Janice for coffee. She brought some DVDs I'd made for her of her adopted family in Fiji whose village was leveled by a cyclone last month, for me to copy for them. And a couple of prints of photos of a NYE party in Mexico she roped me into going to in 2000.

After, we went to the other side of the parking lot to check out the new spot which replaced the Bangkok Bistro. I'd never eaten at the Thai place because they were closed on Sundays, and that's the only day we met at that particular Starbucks. The new place was packed, with a gang of Asians hanging around outside. No menu visible from outside, or over the order counter, so J nabbed one from a customer. $13 for a bowl of ramen. Beet salad. Nothing on the menu I was interested in at those prices. No idea why it was so crowded. Wait, yes idea. There are no other places to eat except for a tired old Mexican joint for miles.

Home, looked at the white board again, grabbed the two sets of 7 seed pots, filled them with Miracle Grow, poked a hole in the middle of the soil of each one and dropped in a seed or three. I only had enough pea seeds for four or five, the rest got pincushion flower, white vines (from my baby sister) and marigolds. Put them back on the dining table and watered them. Spook supervised vocally throughout. Lately, she has wanted a say in everything I actively do.

Before dark, I went outside and watered all the outdoor plants, chatting with Lee as I did so. Also showed her the little bay laurel tree growing in the huge pot on the porch. She loves any plants which can be used to cook with. The sprig which crowblog sent to me from Aberdeen, WA has more than doubled in size already.

One of my FB friends posted an addictive meme: Remoe a single letter from a movie or show title, and describe the new plot. I contributed these:
One With The Wind - journey to a Zen master atop the highest peaks of Tibet
776 - King Egbert II of Kent defeats the Mercians and re-asserts himself as ruler of Kent.
Hoes of the Fisherman - either
- With the canceling of crab season, the fishermen must become farmers to live
- Marcus Lycus moves his House offshore
The Irates of Penzance - citizens of a small Cornish village rebel against the establishment.
The Rocky Horror Sow - A transvestite attempts an intra-species relationship, becomes meatloaf.
Someone else suggested:
Tar wars...the great beasts fight it out in prehistoric Los Angeles. Nobody wins.
To which I replied:
And of course there must be Tar Trek, The Next Generation. :-)

I could go one for days, I think. But I won't.

Another amusing discussion on FB is on someone else's pages, with a Democrat with a chip on his shoulder the size of New Jersey, who insists everyone hates Trump. I point out that if this was true, why is he winning all those elections? And the guy quotes me years-ago voter stats claiming the majority of voters are Democrats. To which I reply that if this was true, why are there more Republicans in the House and Senate than Democrats? Who elected them? He answers they only got 52% of the vote. I answered by asking how many points short of a majority is that? And he digs up stats for Presidential elections dating back to Harry Truman. My answer is "that was then, this is now." I would not even consider voting for Trump, but it angers me when people on my side are in denial.

Plans for tomorrow:
Doctor at 10:30 (leave by 10)
Online job search (maybe the LA recruiter will get back to me. Or the Dolby recruiter)
The usual online stuff
Maybe take the copter to Baylands
No basfa for the foreseeable future, as the group has chosen to rule out all the possible meeting places I can get to without a nasty rush hour commute. But that's okay, because:
- For the longest time the meeting locations have been inconvenient to lots of other members
- The usual suspects have mostly stopped paying attention to the meeting in progress in favor of their own conversations. I don't enjoy using my STAGE VOICE to be heard over a mere 25 people.

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