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Is it Friday Yet?

Took light rail to the Old Ironsides station and biked about a mile to the strip mall on the corner of Great America Pkwy and Mission College Blvd, and after a quick ride-by, stopped in at the Amarin Thai mini-restaurant, sat at one of their sidewalk tables and had dinner. The waitress was excited to hear me speak Thai, so was the waiter. It's mostly a lunchtime place, so I think they are happy to see any dinner customers. Food was okay, a little over-done, but the service was great. Then biked two blocks to the Yahoo offices on MC Blvd and waited a few minutes for the podcasting meetup host to escort us up to the meeting room. Nice room - one of the training rooms. Next door someone (or some two) were playing guitar and singing - the wall was one of those movable kind. Someone brought some beer to celebrate launching his video podcast and someone else brought a way too large ice cream cake.

There was no formal program, we just chatted, with about a dozen people this evolved into three or four pods of conversation, and people gravitated around. Very interesting and alarming to me was how very commercial most of these people are. Almost everyone is in it as a vocation. While all of them are amateurs, they all are trying to make a living at it. One guy was moaning about the Evil Copyright Holders who don't understand that he grew up with their movies and video games and music, and he has as much right to use them commercially as they do. I'm not sure what cave he was brought up in, but I know it had fine mushrooms.

There were two women there. One was just visiting from out of town, and reminded me a little of a young farmount. Very blonde, very bright, going for a degree in physics after having finished one in psychology. Or at least that's what I think I heard. She was there with a podcaster whose web site she was designing. The other woman runs a wine fanciers podcast with her SO.

The fellow who brought the cake is one of those guys who has to be the center of attention. He had a lot of stories and anecdotes to tell, which were very interesting (to him), and he held forth for quite a while on the joys of getting commercial sponsors and how rude it is that some sponsors don't like to see their brand name on the same podcast as their competitor's.

I was the first one to leave, at about 8:20, biked to the Great America light rail station and waited 10 minutes for the next train. Got home at about 9. The reason for getting off at a different station than I got on was the side of the road they are on. Old Ironsides is on the same side as the bike path on Great America Parkway going towards the meeting, and GA station is on the same side as the bike path heading back from the meeting.

Total mileage on the bike today was close to 9 miles, 50 minutes.

Spent the next couple of hours packing for my trip and getting the laptop charged and updated. I'm now packed as much as I can be until morning.

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