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No Spoilers, No TMI

After the usual morning stuff, it was off to MV Kaiser. Got there half an hour early, an adorable nurse/aide came out in about 5 minutes, took me into the catacombs to take my vitals. BP was a little high, so she had me sit still for 10 minutes while she went elsewhere, and came back to take the BP with me standing up. Much better reading.
Then it was back to the waiting area for another 15 minutes, until an exam room was free. She verified all my info, including asking if I was being battered at home, or knew anyone at home who was being mistreated. I told her Spook ignores me, but that's about all. And she's off to do other things again.

Back in 15 minutes to have me do some lab stuff.

10:30 appointment, doc showed up at about 11. She got the lab results as we were going over symptoms. Inconclusive, but verified Something™ was wrong. She sent me to the lab to have them do more tests on what they already had, with the promise to call tomorrow with The Plan. It will either be meds, a CAT scan (she did not invite Spook), or none of the above. The symptom which triggered this has almost disappeared tonight, and was much reduced this morning (hence the inconclusive quickie lab results).

Later this afternoon, the labs were posted on the web site, and they seem to point to meds. Under the company-paid plan, CT scans were $20, with Medicare they are $210. :-(

While I was en route, Janice called & left voicemail. Her Win10 PC was stuck on a black screen and wouldn't show the desktop. She tried all the usual and some of the unusual fixes, and nada. MV Kaiser is not far from her place, so I went over and was stumped. Pulling the plug on the PC and putting it back in solved the problem. Turns out the piece of crap HP micro tower has a "feature" that it never completely powers off when you give it a software or power button shutdown. It keeps everything in memory. We didn't have time to check her power settings, could be it's defaulting to hibernate on shutdown.

Home, the garbage had been collected so I pulled in the bin for that, but the recycle bin was still full with a stack of flattened boxes bundled beside it. Those guys didn't show up till almost 3 pm, used to be both bins were collected by 10 am.

In the mail was a catalog from Kaiser printed on cheap newsprint, listing everything covered by Medicare. They had sent a glossy version of that when I first applied.

Delivered late in the day were some spare parts for the copter.

Copied 3 DVDs for Janice's Fiji family. It took a while to figure out how to use the new CD printer feature on the Epson all-in-1, even though I've used it before.

I didn't leave the house again, probably won't get to fly till Thursday. Ultrasound tomorrow afternoon, Social Security visit Wednesday. They want to see me in person to verify I am able to work, which makes sense since I *am* on Medicare and diabetes means I am a disabled person. In my case my disability at this point only requires an employer to allow me snack breaks and a place to recover from any insulin overdoses. The latter usually amounts to 15 minutes in the break room/cafeteria/sofa with 300 of my favorite calories. SS also wants a form filled out showing the places I have looked for work in the past 2 weeks. I don't think I'll list them all.

Went to take a nap, it was really only a 90-minute lie-down, no sleep. Spent some time on the porch admiring the roses, especially the ones starting to bud.  Walked around to the carport and checked the tomatoes, there is one already on the vine. Lots of blossoms on all 3 plants, also a few insect holes on some of the lower leaves. The green peas are all doing okay.

Grabbed the clippers and cut back the rosemary sprawl by about 1/3. Overfilled a gallon baggie. Cut a lot of mint, all the stems with bigger leaves and a few smaller ones which were threatening the lavender plant. Filled a gallon baggie with that too. And boy did my hands smell great!

I posted about that on FB, my two stateside sisters were impressed, so I filled a ziplock sandwich bag with each for each of them, and used my.usps.com to print labels. Stuffed them into small flat rate boxes, and will drop them off at the PO tomorrow.

Oh yeah, also when I was at the doc's, a recruiter called with what sounded like the perfect job at YouTube (aka Google). Until she mentioned it was part time, on call, in San Bruno which is not where Google's Youtube office is located, AFAIK. She later emailed the description, and it sounds like they are looking for an intern. I referred her to one of the guys who was laid off. He will be all WTF.

Noticed a post on FB about the Contact convention art show. They had one, the organizer never got back to me after I'd let her know I had stuff if she wanted. No big loss. It used to be held at NASA, so I could claim credit for exhibiting my work there, but now it's in a tiny boutique hotel, and they have decided to skip a year next year.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drink plenty of filtered water. Maybe check the filter, it's been in there for more than a year.
Expecting the doctor's call or email
Ultrasound at 2:45. Need to leave here at 1 to get parking, probably.
Maybe after, I'll check out the Brown Bear restaurant recently opened across the street. Or the Specialty's, ditto.

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