Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Frustrating with a capital eff

Woke up several time during the wee hours, pillowcases all drenched. Have to put the microfiber ones back on.

Today's calendar item was a 1:30 appointment in East Menlo Park (the bad part of town) which the notice said was to check that I am a living, breathing person capable of working, and qualified to work in California. There was a form to fill out, and they wanted to see a passport or a CA DL + SS card. I brought my passport card. The form wanted a list of six job applications from the past 2 weeks, which I'm not required to give them according to their regulations - my job category is not one which lends itself to beating the pavement. So this morning I printed out lists from all the job boards showing what I'd applied for, plus a few individual response email messages.

But first, I went to the local hair & nails place and had a manicure. She fixed the botched job from Mountain View.

Arrived at EDD, which shares a building with a former OIC training center, at 12:30. Just in time to get a chicken fried rice from the roach coach. It was pretty good. Sat outside in the shade - they have tables & chairs - and ate while reading from Chris Hadfield's book. It's well written, but jumps around quite a bit. The opening page grabbed me very strongly. His message is one makes one's own luck. He is, of course, mostly wrong about that, though he does give a nod to timing.

Went inside at a little after 1 to use the restroom, found the EDD office, was about to sign in and take a seat when an employee caught me in time to not sign in, the workshop would begin as soon as they got the room ready down the hall.

Contrary to what the notice said, this was a presentation to about 25 people who had recently applied for unemployment insurance, with the presenter going over slowly, in minute detail, every little bit of every form I'd already filled out online. There was also a stack of handouts which I'd already received either from my employer, the clowns they hired to help us find a job, and online at EDD and CalJobs.

Finally there was one more piece of stupidity, they made all of us post what they called a "comprehensive" resume on the Caljobs site, despite the fact that many of us had uploaded one already. There is no difference, except the "comprehensive" one is used internally. Gag me.

That done, it took all of 30 seconds to show the guy my passport card, hand him the form, show him a few of my attachments, shake hands and leave. Two hours wasted.

I did learn one thing, though: The NOVA job center near the Sunnyvale Library is still in business, and free for me to use, it just had moved from the other side of the parking lot. They hold a networking session every Wednesday which I considered going to until I saw it started at 8:15 am.

Home. By now it is about 90° in Sunnyvale, but too late to go coptering. Maybe sometime tonight I'll hang up the laundry - this time it's just jeans and a T-shirt.

Took the cover off the air conditioner, set it to 76 and ran i a little. But the double-paned windows kept the place at 78 without aircon.

Delivered was a pair of down & feather pillows. My soft pillows have disintegrated.

Spook does not like the Wellness food, which has since completely replaced the mixture in her tower. So I called Nine Lives, where I'd adopted her, and asked what they feed their adult cats (she was still a kitten when I got her) and the nice lady said Science Diet - "but we use that because we can't afford the good stuff" which turns out to be Purina One. Went to Amazon Smile and ordered a bag of that. Smile donates a % to Nine Lives for me.

Did some limited porch time, but it was too hot. Many roses are blooming or coming out, lots of poppies, including some off-color ones (red & pink) and the bumblebees have found the bee's friend flowers (Phacelia tanacetifolia) in earnest, I counted almost a dozen.  

My baby sister, who is now a beekeeper among other things, wants me to take that up too, but I told her no, I don't want to get hives.

Back inside, nuked the last of the lasagna, watched some science channel episode about things satellites have been finding, mostly Google Earth shots. Google recently bought a company one of my photographer friends worked for, Skybox, and named it Terra Bella. He is now a Googler.

And here I am.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take a look at Nova Training Center
1:30 phone consult with a doctor
Maybe fly the copter
Maybe go to the senior center for the origami class

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