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The Love Was Palpable

Went to see Sunnyvale's production of Rent, never had seen the show before, or heard more than a snippet of music. Very powerful musical about relationships, all kinds of relationships. Roughly based on La Boheme, a friend was playing Mimi, who had just played the very different role of Kim in Miss Saigon up the road apiece.

Extraordinarily talented cast, lots of difficult singing, lots of scenes where a dozen people are onstage all doing different things. Same excellent music director as LSOH, at least two more of the same band.

And they could not have asked for a better audience. After the show I told the choreographer I was disappointed that it took almost 3 seconds for the audience to give a standing ovation. I helped lead it.

It was champagne gala opening night, they had a decent spread, cheesecake, cookies, meatballs, mini hot dogs, some kind of sandwich on alleged bread which looked dangerously like stuffed jalapeños, so I passed. And some other things too. I got a chance to hug all 5 of my friends in the cast, and congratulate the three most outstanding others. Mission accomplished.
The rest of the day was a bore. Woke up every hour to pee, my bladder really wanted to get that contrast dye out of my system. I seem to be back to normal now, though I'm still drinking a lot of water. 

It has rained .67" over 24 hours, which I believe is more than we've had in 24 hours all year. The roses look great in it. I did the obligatory raindrops on roses photos, but passed up the whiskers on kittens, etc. in favor of other flowers and plants.

Took the mint harvest out on the porch and separated the leaved from the branches, threw the branches behind the hedge where they can become fertilizer. Tried the same with the rosemary. but it needs to dry out before I can do that. If it's still chilly & rainy tomorrow, I may dry them both in the oven. Gas ovens are good for that - steady low temps.

I had cold cuts and coconut water for lunch, nothing for dinner because of the gala.

Lee brought her 18-year-old Bison Frieze mix up into the porch to say hi to Spook, who just watched as the dog went crazy. She had her husband thin out the jungle in front of their house, so now you can actually see the bird bath, and they added a little waterfall. And one can finally see the rhododendron.

Watched some mindless TV. Found the idiotic "wild woman of the woods" rerun - I caught the ending on Tivo, it is so ridiculously phony. The backstory is there is a "team" of fat old redneck hillbillies who are out to prove Sasquatch inhabits the Appalachians. Most of the show is shot in faux infrared black and white.

Also watched an MTV show called My Crazy Ex, because I liked the logo. A valentine card heart with rose petals thrown on it, followed by a target knife.

Did a dishwasher load and laundered the sheets from Friday and put away the laundry.

Got a FB message from the fellow who directed Brigadoon inviting me to try out for the Grandfather in Ragtime, being done in Fremont across the bay. Told him I don't want to try out for a part when I don't know if I'd be able to make the performances. It depends on what I land for my next job. Fremont is not an easy commute from my side of the bay. What I didn't tell him is I don't like to do shows in the summer, but it's a show I would break that rule for.

I told him at Rent that if they don't get it cast I might be available later. But auditions were this weekend and rehearsals begin in 2 weeks, too soon to commit.

The synthesizer player for Rent was one of the others laid off from my company, but he's in no rush to get back in the rat race. He's older than me, and said he had been thinking about retiring a year ago.

Plans for tomorrow:
Not much. New job listings don't happen much on Sundays
Help Janice get her computer setup in order & go out to a Starbucks after.
Pack up the one eBay item which sold. Shelve the two which did not.

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