Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Short because it's late and nothing really happend

Rained most of the day. Lots of job postings in the email bucket, only one worth applying for. Much wasted time because recruiter sites, especially CalJobs, can't tell the difference between an AND and an OR. Treats everything as an OR. Plus they send the same listings even though I've set the alert engines to only feed me today's new ones.

Got to wanting lunch around 1:30, tried Specialty's down the block but their computers were borked and the line to order was massive. Tried the one near NASA, it's closed on weekends. My two favorite Starbucks were jam packed, people sitting outside in the rain (WTF?) and the Clocktower coffee shop which usually has seating was also jammed and people were outside under the overhang, but it was COLD.

So I went home, nuked a beef pot pie and had a couple of chocolate pudding cups for dessert.

4:30 I was at Janice's to check out her intermittent backup drive. Unplugged it and plugged it back in and it popped. Power circuit went dead. She was using a very old adapter from some other product. The drive did not have any info on it telling what kind of power it wanted,  but the adapter is the wrong color & design for a Seagate.

Pointed her at Seagate's data recovery support page, and promised to buy her a replacement drive. The one she had is 8 years old, vast improvements have been made for less $$.

We went to Starbucks near her place, there were actually seats in the back room - the computer nerds somehow preferred the uncomfortable wooden chairs and long table arrangement to the small tables and padded seats. Apparently they are unaware their laptops have a battery and can run without an AC connection.

Went to Fry's, plugged in my car while nearly being run over by some idiot trying to park her gas guzzler Jeep assault vehicle in the electric-only slot opposite mine.

Found what I was looking for pretty quickly, a Toshiba 2GB drive about the size of a cigarette case, USB 3.0 powered, so no AC required. $93 with tax.  Also bought a better holster for my phone. Put them on separate bills, because Janice thinks she wants to pay for the new drive.

Home, was pretty full from the mocha, shot up some high-test insulin to make up for that (should have had my pen with me at *$s, but didn't) and noticed there was still a crab in the fridge. Looked online for how long they keep, and decided at $8/lb I'd better eat it NOW, while it was still smelling neutral.

Spook liked that. She almost took a piece from my hand, she likes crab so much. Anyting I dropped onto the rug for her disappeared quickly, but she hid it from me with her body.

No dessert. I may nosh on a wee bit of dark chocolate at bedtime.

Which is about now.

Plans for tomorrow:
8:45 at the Nova job center for orientation and maybe some personalized help
Sometime before 5, another urinalysis at Kaiser MV.
Expecting more rain, or at least cool and cloudy. My aircon unit is not liking this dramatic shift from summer to autumn.

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