Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

And It's Only Tuesday

Early morning, need to keep this short. I always say that, never achieve it.

Slept way too well last night, 6 am pit stop then asleep till almost 10. That's okay because the PO parking lot is tiny before 10, but after 10 they open up the big one in back.

Dropped off the two eBay sales and my check for Medicare. Home, plowed through the job postings. Had calls from two recruiters, one with an interesting but iffy job - I can learn the job easily, but they may not want someone who needs any training. I don't think they will find a better match, it's hardware + software + windows. The second called because the job she had was at too low a level, but she wanted me on her database for when the same thing opens at a higher level.

2:30, installed the new small USB3 backup drive for Janice, and took her broken Seagate unit home. Had to watch a youtube video for a hint on how to open the case - it had to be pried open and latches popped. But then I had to figure out for myself how to get the hard drive out. Clever engineers hid the screws in the rubber stand-offs. It's a clunky old SATA drive, my PC doesn't recognize it on my usb adapter. I'll try it on my laptop and if that doesn't work, maybe take it to a drive repair place which can put it in a data+power jig. I could do this myself inside my PC, but it's more work than I want to spend. Janice didn't lose any data, the board fried. I think I can see which capacitor blew.

Had fruit, especially mango, on my list, so I went to Whole Foods, the nearest place with a fruitful reputation. But their produce section was a mess, price signs in the wrong places or missing, workers chatting about their love lives as they blocked customer pathways and put their bodies between me and the fruit. So I left. Drove to Ranch 99, they had huge Fuji apples on sale, big limes, a reasonable price for grapes, but no Asian mangoes. Fresh longons made up for it. And they had live Dungeness crab, I bought a pair which they steamed for me, and also bought a roast duck, which they chopped up, and a pound of BBQ pork. Much better than frozen dinners.

Home, put everything away - baggied the BBQ pork into three units and put that in the fridge freezer, since I'll be nibbling on that and using it in soups. Baggied the duck into three units for the big freezer. Looked online for info on freezing crab, and they all said yes, after cooking, and mine are cooked. Also saw a video which saved me a bunch of time and trouble - I had no idea the top shell just peels right off. Cleaned both crabs, and made a baggie for each one, into the big freezer.

Dinner was the biggest portion of corned beef from the fridge, on sourdough bread, with horseradish sauce. Yum! Longons for dessert.

Watched some NFL Network, sad to hear a player was murdered for a fender bender. New Orleans. For a change, the black shooter was not killed by police.

NFL has finally stopped talking about Colin Kaepernick. As the draft nears, the hype gets micromanaged.

Plans for tomorrow:
8:15 NOVA for an orientation on their tech networking partner. 2:15 interview with my NOVA adviser. It's the woman who gave the first part of yesterday's session. I am not thrilled, but also not heartbroken.

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