Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another too early day

Not as good a night as it should have been. Despite shooting up only a half dose of insulin at bedtime because my Hgl was in the low 80s, it kicked in at about 2 am, had to eat two Klondikes to recover from 63. Spook was not fazed, she remained parked on the bed.

So the 7 am alarm didn't motivate me enough, and I only had 15 minutes to get to my 8:15 orientation at NOVA's networking program, called ProMatch. Rush hour traffic was a PIA, and what would have been a 5-minute drive at 10 am was almost 20. But I wasn't as late as I could have been. Got signed in, and was not the last one to join a full room of orientees for an 8:30 presentation.

ProMatch is part of NOVA, and the original idea was to make it easier for people to network, the theory being most jobs are found by knowing people. And that's correct, but ProMatch goes about it the wrong way. They form teams, and use the teams as slave labor for everything at NOVA from data entry to mock interviewing to tech support for their computer lab to event running. Joining means a commitment of several hours two times a week, and while you get a choice which kind of team you are assigned to, there's no choice about who else is on the team. As they went around the room having us introduce ourselves, it was clear there was no one in the room who would be any help in my job search. Once again, the presenter and the materials were excellent, so I said nice things to him after and told him it wasn't for me.

Thought about going out to lunch, but it was only 10:30, so I drove home and had some BBQ pork and longons. Yum.

Did the online job thing, the only ones I applied to had already been filled.

Back to NOVA to have my initial interview, which was with the nice lady who was the first presenter Monday. She is even nicer in person. As expected, she recommended all the classes which I have already mastered, but the way the place is set up, they are prerequisites for the ones I want to take. Lucky me, three of them are being taught next Tuesday, one after another starting at 10:30. She also recommended I make an appointment with Grace, who is the most technical of the staff.  I asked her about Python training, she was not hopeful. Apparently they have a waiting list for a very limited number of training grants.

Home, tried to make an appointment to see Grace next Tuesday, but they only accept requests on the day of, after noon. All their class signups are done 30 minutes before the class. Which tells me they either have a problem filling the classes, or finding teachers, or both.

Spent some time on the porch reading the astronaut's book.  And admiring the roses - the yellow bush is all huge flowers, as well as the orange ones. I may have to cut back some of the poppies which are pushing out into the culvert, but hate to they are so colorful.

Ran a dishwasher load, since the slow cooker pot needed it.

Dinner was Marie Calendar beef & broccoli on rice. Kind of meager. Strawberries drizzled with chocolate sauce after.

Online, got a kindle version of what looks like a practical Python book. Just opened it up and it had a link for the python language executable, so I have that now too. Interesting to read that the language is named for Monty Python, not for the snake.

Watched an episode of Magicians, which was cut off (thanks, Tivo) about a minute short of its ending. Also thanks Tivo, the Who Do You Think You Are episode was a rerun of the last one. Oh, and the Tivo froze on me again. Had to power cycle to recover. This is already a replacement unit.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fly the quad copter, if it doesn't rain as predicted. I don't see rain happening, but I've been fooled before, recently.
If it rains, work on learning Python, probably on the laptop at a coffee shop. I'm leaning toward the new downtown ones.


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