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No Rain, So Fly Day

It happened again. despite a very high bedtime Hgl, after shooting up my usual amount of insulin, went way low (63) at 3 am. I am apparently becoming less insulin resistant. I'm chalking it up to the fact that I'm not sitting at my desk with a full cooler, noshing snacks all day. Healthy snacks for the most part, but in volume.

Hoping to not make the same mistake tonight.

Stayed in bed till 11 because I could, and went through the usual "I don't need a shower/yes I do - it will help wake me up" internal dialog.

Checked outside, the idiotic prediction of rain did not take place, so I got my quadcopter stuff together, packed a pair of bologna sandwiches, and drove out to Baylands Park. Two more trips there will pay for the annual pass. Even if I do get a job, I'll probably use it a lot more than that.

It was very windy, with the wind blowing toward me. My copter did not behave well, and each time it landed the wind blew it upside down so I had to keep going out to it and flipping it over. It crashed hard early and broke the same propeller guard as last time. At about the same time the first battery was drained, the guard broke off completely, making the copter too imbalanced to fly.

I'd eaten the first sandwich after the first crash, and now I packed up and drove to a calmer picnic area to finish the second, and some oreos.

Next stop, downtown Sunnyvale. This time I did go to Starbucks, found a seat near an outlet and used their power & wifi to browse job listings and also downloaded the Python book and python executable. Python programming language is named for Monty Python, so it amused the hell out of me that the editor is named IDLE. For those of you unfamiliar with coding, each programming language for the past couple of decades has come with, or at least has available for it, an editor which helps make sure your syntax if correct. And it gives error messages in red when it isn't.

I played with it enough to know that it is not as straightforward as it should be, and much less forgiving than Perl.

As usual, there were a lot of pretty girls around, inside and passing by.

On my way there I saw a new restaurant a couple of blocks away with a totally WTF name:

After packing up at SBUX, I walked to the front (it was closed) to see what kind of food they had:

Appears to be Korean. It was closed - like a lot of the Murphy Street places, it mostly serves the commuters (Caltrain station nearby) so breakfast-lunch till 3 pm then closed till dinner.

Home, there was still almost half a charge in the car battery, but I plugged it in because I was planning on going to an open mike out in Cupertino later. Caught up on FB, LinkedIn, email. There was email from Dolby inviting me to "audition" for a job I had applied for. It was a URL, an Indian firm, I think, posed a single assignment, giving three days to complete it. They wanted an automated script in Python which monitored Skype audio quality for 2 hours, 2-minute calls. It gave no specifications to check against, and was Just Plain Stupid. So I looked up the recruiter on LinkedIn and sent him a message bailing out, and noting that there was no way to complete the assignment as written.

A shame, I would love to do QA at Dolby. Real QA, manual QA as the job title said, not automation.

At about 6, I was concerned because my alarm for the open mike didn't go off, so I checked email. It's two weeks from today. :-( 

For dinner I made duck soup from some of the duck from Ranch 99, a few wontons, some garlic and some bullion. Very yummy. Spook actually ate a couple of duck pieces I threw to her, after ignoring each of them for about 10 minutes and then coming back to sniff & then chomp. She left the room after the second one.

Dessert was a handful of strawberries.

Earlier I had gone outside and harvested a bunch of roses, mostly yellow, some orange, to make room for buds which were coming out on the same branches. They are in a big pile on the kitchen island, waiting to be dried, except I don't know how to do that. Baby sister may know. So far no help from FB.

Next door neighbor Mary's daughter (granddaughter?) said hi, and told us (Me & other neighbor Lee) that Mary turned 102 last week. Wow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe Fair Oaks Park with the copter (calmer area)
Deposit the check Janice gave me for the new backup drive
Fry's, see if they have a powered SATA-to-USB2 adapter - I cannot get Win10 to recognize any content on Janice's old backup drive. It sees the drive, which usually means the USB3 adapter I'm using is not providing power, just a data connection. No power, the drive won't spin up
Maybe see Catch-22 at Los Altos theater (live stage production). Sort of curious how badly it translates from the book/movie.

Busy weekend coming up. Songkran festival in the morning, Reilly & Maloney concert on Saturday, Sunday  A friend's MFA recital and another friend's indie movie in the evening.

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