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Some Fun Was Had

Was lazing in bed, reading on the Kindle app when the phone rang. Recruiter for a company really near my house (like 5 minutes away) called to set up a phone interview with a hiring manager. It looks like a job I can do, will have to learn a lot OJT but nothing I haven't done before really. They invented a laser-based TV monitor, but the main product is conferencing software and all the shared docs/data which goes with that. The TV they invented appears to be impractical, it's 24" thick and I bet it weighs a ton. My guess is they saw what an albatross it is, so designed a system around it which lets people connect on any device from anywhere. Their marketing is all "cloud", which annoys the heck out of me, but so does "emails".

Sunny day, a bit breezy but not as bad as yesterday, and warmer. Put the copter in the car, but first I needed to go to Fry's and get something to power up Janice's former backup drive. Decided on two items, one is just a SATA-to-USB connector, the other an enclosure. Then BofA to deposit a check, and finally to Fair Oaks Park. The copter flew a lot, but kept not responding to steering, so I had to keep killing the power to prevent it from getting away. Unfortunately, the best flight somehow did not get recorded on the video chip. Nothing good did.

And it crashed early and often, broke the same propeller guard right away, and then noticed the reason - the stand-off on that side was broken. I have extras of both, so no worries. Except I won't get time to fly again till next Wednesday at the earliest. Booked all weekend, urology on Monday, all day at NOVA job center Tuesday with that phone screen in the evening.

Home, got email from Boss, he is having a housewarming complete with Thai monk's blessing in May, he invited the whole team as usual. I'll go, but the catch is instead of the expected new house in nearby Fremont, he apparently has moved instead way out past Livermore, in the hills, an hour drive from me. I may see him tomorrow at the Thai temple, but would not be surprised if they will go somewhere closer instead.

Took out the first USB connector from Fry's, it's for the wrong kind of hard drive. The box lied. That's going back. Took out the enclosure, and after a minor glitch (Seagate had again attached a rubber foot to hide a screw which did not belong on the drive) the drive was mounted in the enclosure, I fired it up and plugged it into my PC and nothing. eSata cable was not recognized. But the USB one was, and all Janice's files were there. Tons of photos. I'll give that to her next time I see her, she can do with it as she likes. She doesn't need it now that she has the smaller, faster, better higher capacity drive.

Watched an episode of Graham Norton, as usual a bunch of major stars, plus that Gervais idiot. Cannot stand him, and apparently neither can dentists. Also played the afternoon's Pardon The Interruption, which I had recorded and watched yesterday just to see what they said about the Warriors' win streak (not much, they were all thrilled with Laker Kobe Bryant's 60 points), but when I watched it there were several transmission errors in the recording, so this time I recorded it on both my Tivos, to see if it was a problem with my new one or something at ESPN. There was only one short glitch, and it was on both recordings, and was caused both days by one of the two anchormen being patched in from Arizona.

I'm done with that show until football season.

Defrosted some crab for dinner, this time Spook was not shy about clawing my arm to get some. Multiple times. I gave her the plate to lick afterward, and she got through about half of the little bits before walking away. I put the plate by her food dish and expect it will be clean by morning.

Longons for dessert. Ate about 1/3 of the lot.

Spent some time this afternoon out on the porch with the laptop reading the Python programming book and writing simple scripts. The book is was too basic, I know all about the terminology of coding, don't need that in what's supposed to be a practical book. Did learn there is a Skype include file for Python, and downloaded that, but did not try to use it.

The rose petals continue to smell nice, now they are on a cooling rack, because sister said they need air circulation.

Plans for tomorrow:
Thai temple way too early
Reilly & Maloney concert in the evening

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