Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I really need to get to sleep

It was a very long and enjoyable day. Morning chore was to return that bogus SATA adapter to Fry's for a refund. Back home, stripped the bed (Spook helped by jumping on the sheets as I was trying to remove them). Opened the new 1800 threadcount microfiber tiger stripe sheets, and they didn't fit. Looked at the package, they were twin, not queen. Went online and got an RMA label for those after putting the second set, this one more leopard like, or maybe cheetah, not quite as high quality. Spook kept helping.

2 pm longtime friend had her MFA recital at her college half an hour up the road. She was trying to show how music from musical theater could replicate the Hero's journey from Joseph Campbell's books. There were four other women in the cast, it was done concert style, with my friend singing the majority of the 17 songs, but the other sharing equally in reading the blurbs on how each song fit into the theme. She was fantastic, only made a couple of small goofs, and one of her cast was so good I congratulated her, and am now following her on Facebook. The show was so engrossing that the 90 minutes went by without me ever wondering what time it was. And a well deserved standing ovation, which embarrassed the heck out of my friend.

Originally, I met her at a strip joint, her stage name was Jade. Two strip joints, actually. I still have her photo card. Imagine my surprise when she appeared as a lead soprano in a Gilbert & Sullivan show my best friend George was in. They became an item, but eventually they both moved on but I continued to perform with George and "Jade" gave up bikini dancing, got married and concentrated on being in local community and semi-pro theater. We have seen each other on stage but have never been in a show together.

Home after that, almost went straight to downtown SJ for the next event, but needed some lunch. 6 pm found me in downtown San Jose for another friend's indie movie premiere. He wrote and starred in it, helped produce it, and I think it was his best film work to date. He has hooked up with a filmmaker who pushes the envelope when it comes to violence, and his last three films have featured more blood & gore than the story called for, but not this time.

No standing ovation, because everyone was in shock. The ending was a gruesome surprise, and tied together all the previous murders with one BLAM! Well, not quite. After what I thought should have been the ending, they waste 5 minutes on the one character who isn't dead yet.

So I'm giving this weekend a 75% score. Songran was a 0, but Reilly & Maloney, "Jade" and Indie were all total winners.

Plans for tomorrow:
Urologist for bladder exploration
Kaiser business office to slap them upside the head about the bills I received yesterday.
Drop off the RMA at UPS 


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