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Another Monday in Paradise

After my doctor's appointment, I went to Kaiser's member relations office to straighten out my bill. The receptionist there looks like a 20-year-old Lucy Liu, only less angular. Just as I was about to grab a seat in the waiting area, a tall, smiling woman named Deecii took dibs on me. It took a while to explain the issues, since usually they handle premium payments and payment for individual services separately, but she got it soon enough: I had been charged $70 extra because at the time of the services, the system thought I was not covered. But I was covered, retroactively, as shown by the premium bill it took them more than a month to send. I had paid the usual $20 member co-pay. The switch to Medicare should have made that $25. There was also a legit $35 charge for a lab test which I had not been charged for since it had been done as part of a doctor's appointment.

Deecii hashed it out over the phone with finance, who agreed that they owe me $70 - ($5 + $35). While she was on hold, I noticed a photo of Spook on her wall. I pulled out my phone and showed her one of my photos of Spook, and we had a nice chat about cats. Hers passed away at the age of 15, there were two siblings which both left the planet just a little while apart. She's thinking of adopting another cat, I recommended Nine Lives in Redwood City.

On another wall was her name in a script which looked vaguely Arabic, but was probably an East Indian language, judging from the comments below the large type. In the mail tomorrow will be a Thai version of her name in about the same size font, with an explanation and thanks for her help.

Next stop, UPS to drop off the Amazon RMA. Amazon's RMA label print format is whacked, it wastes a whole page instead of being like eBay and USPS which let me use half-page perforated in the middle labels. So I needed to make sure the split label scanned correctly. It only took 2 tries.

It was in the 90s, so I went to my air conditioned home for a light cold lunch, watched some TV, played online, took a nap. Was woken from the nap by a recruiter who was responding to a job application I'd submitted in early March, and she asked me a lot of questions, obviously did not know what IPTV is, even though it was the hiring company's key need. I'd refused to apply for this job several times before, it's one of those idiotic 24/7 rotations. It took way too long for that to come up in the conversation.

Sometime before the nap I went outside and harvested a huge amount of roses, mostly yellow, to free up nutrients for buds that are coming out. I left about 15 blooms on the bushes, but still filled a shopping bag halfway. Separated the petals from the buds and have piled them on the island on paper towels on cooling racks to dry. They are so silky! As they dry they lose that but get more aromatic.

It was starting to cool off a little, and my car had run out of windshield washer fluid, so I went to the shed to get the spare jug, but there wasn't one. So I watered the tomatoes and green beans next to the shed, and then drove to Target because I had an empty SodaStream charger to exchange, and they have washer fluid too. And I was also in the market for one more microfiber bed sheet set.

Looks like SodaStream has finally got its act together, there was no doubt they had chargers in stock. My favorite washer fluid was on sale 2-for-1, and they had SodaStream diet mixes in stock so I got ginger ale and orange. Unfortunately, and WTFingly, they had zero microfiber sheets. Not even a pillowcase. And everything they had was house brand. Boo, hiss.

Home, early dinner was beef pot pie. Watched a lot of Tivo, there was a series of NASA's Unexplained Mysteries which is fairly well done. Watched two episodes, started on a third before I remembered to make Deecii's Thai print.

Plans for tomorrow:
Spend the day at the NOVA job center taking the prerequisites. If there's time (not likely) will speak with Grace the tech counselor.
Read/practice more Python, maybe at Starbucks or Prolific Oven.

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