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A Full Day of Empty

Up with the alarm, wasted maybe 20 minutes on the tablet mostly new Instagram babes. I used to "like" their pages on FB, but I want to keep that more for friends stuff and not people I have never met, no matter how naked they are. I mostly only check Instagram on the tablet, mostly only at home.

9:40 A.M. I was at NOVA, but they are serious about not signing anyone up for classes before exactly half an hour prior, so I took a walk, made a pit stop and returned at 10:01. There were 3 people ahead of me. The class was around the other side of the building, in a comfortable training room with three columns, 6 or 7 rows of desks for two people, very comfortable office chairs. Built-in projector. One WTF is all the instructors who use projectors have an Apple laptop, but all the lab computers are HP PCs. They don't teach iOS at all.

First class was called "Resume Facts" which the presenter wrote on the board as "Resumé". I decided not to point out the missing first accent. Her first mistake was, 5 minutes before class start time, as she was writing on the board, getting distracted by some idiot asking stupid questions. He kept that up for half an hour, interrupting the class a lot - everything he was asking was going to be covered. His last one was "why do I need a résumé anyway?" which the teacher did not have a good answer to. He packed up and left suddenly a couple of minutes later. The class was a waste of time - it's a prerequisite for some other classes I might want to take later, and my counselor said it would help me build a "function-based" resume with PSRs. Problem/Solution/Result. Honey, If I did a PSR for even my last 3 jobs, it would be a novel. That doesn't belong on a document which translates as "brief".

There was half an hour between the end of that class and registering for the next. Not enough time to get lunch, I was going to go to the library next door, but a recruiter called, this time a fellow who sounded American, with a slightly interesting job. After getting some job-related info from me he said I was required to send them three references before he could move forward with my application. I told him no, get me an offer, and I'll give you references. Because no matter how you promise you won't touch them until there's a job offer, I know you lie. Told him if he needs references, that's his problem.

Next class was "Using LinkedIn In Your Job Search". The instructor was great as long as she was navigating the LinkedIn site, but she didn't manage to get the slide presentation in very well. I learned a couple of minor tricks, but again this was a require pre-requisite for a more in-depth class which she saved me from wasting my time on. The in-depth class assumes you have no or very limited LinkedIn profile info online. Both NOVA and the company which was hired by my ex-work have hit hard on LinkedIn being a huge source of job leads, but so far not a single one has come through that.

Final class was "Job Search & Networking Lab", a total waste. It was in the computer lab, but the instructor could not be heard, made no use of the projector, and when it came time for the 1-on-1 portion she spent all her time on the people up front and maybe 2 minutes with me before she blew me off to help the next guy. The lab setup is awkward for me. They have a keyboard holder mounted below the table, it cannot be pushed underneath and the monitor cannot be puled forward, so the keyboard is too low for me and the monitor too far away for my reading glasses but too close to not use them. Comfortable chairs, though.

The downtown SBUX is only a short hop across the street and a few blocks down. I took my laptop there, checked FB and email and job postings. I was missing a lot of the people-watching by burying my face in the computer, so I folded it up and took my drink to an outdoor table, which helped. On my way back to the parking garage I stopped in at Prolific Oven and bought a cram puff & 2 eiclairs. I had asked for 2 of each, but the server got distracted talking to a fiend who was applying for a job, and I got distracted by the friend's magnificent thighs.

Home, had not used enough battery to charge the car. Yay.

Did some things on the PC which couldn't be done on the laptop, watched some NASA Unexplained Files on Tivo,

Waited for a 7:30 call from a hiring manager. I had looked him up on LinkedIn, and was not impressed. Somehow he went from having his own 1-man company building web pages for 3 years to managing tech ops for a highly hardware-intensive company. It made no sense.

8:30 came and went, no call. I emailed the recruiter, told him not to pursue it. The appointment was made last week, there is no excuse. Recruiter phoned in half an hour, I told him my misgivings about the manager's qualifications. He may not have checked.

So now I have no more medical or pressing job-related appointments, and two more weeks before my severance pay theoretically runs out. So I've booked a vacation for next week. Back to Ventura, which is a relatively inexpensive train ride and Vagabond Inn a block from the beach, and buses to the restaurant district in one direction and Safeway in the other.

Amtrak would not allow me to book a single round trip on trains, but I was able to do it in single rides SJC-SBA and SBA-VEC. There's a chance I could get stuck in Santa Barbara overnight, but that's not a big deal.

Dinner was stuffed cabbage from th fridge which I had forgotten I had already eaten half of, and a can of corn. Chocolate covered cream puff and lactaid pills for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:

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