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The longest trip I took today was to the mailbox. Too windy to take the copter for a spin, and didn't feel like making the trip to a coffee shop.

Had a lot of NASA Unexplained Files on the tivo to watch, and an episode of Who Do You Think You Are which was particularly touching, and an Elementary. Also still plowing through Chris Hadfield's book, which has started to get tedious. It's done in kind of a stream of consciousness style, not chronological, but as if his editor has started to ask him "okay, what else was a major event in your career?" and then crafting a chapter around that event. And he's using the book, in absentia, to thank his long-suffering wife for not taking the kids and moving back to Canada when she had the chance many chances.

Next on the Kindle app is Dawn Wells' latest memoir, What Would Mary Ann Do? And after that, the first two books of Hiram Ulysses Grant's memoirs, because I read somewhere he was, despite his coarseness, an excellent writer late in life.

Things accomplished included:
- Cleaning the stovetop and under the lid
- Loading stovetop hardware and the usual other stuff into the dishwasher
- Ironing all the Hawaiian shirts and hanging up all the shirts
- Planting pincushion flower seeds in the one sprouter cup which has not sprouted
- Took photos of the roses. Some beautiful orange ones have popped up on the long stem bush

Spent some time reading the Python primer, but started to nod off. It's the wrong book for me, I need a cookbook, not a primer. Speaking of cookbooks, I ordered my friend Nancie's latest, unsure if I will add it to my collection or give it to Automation Guy: Simply Vietnamese Cooking.

Had three recruiter calls which were dead ends. One from an Indian guy with a phony American name calling from a noisy sweatshop with a NYC area code, with a job in San Jose I could do, but after he started asking for illegal information (DOB, SS# last 4, etc.) I told him just send me the pay rate. It was half my usual, so I called off that deal. Next one was also an Indian guy, this time with an Indian name, offering a job completely removed from anything on my resume. And finally a sweet American woman from Chicago asking if I was planning on relocating, because the job I responded to was there. I'm pretty sure the listing said San Francisco Bay Area or San Jose. But whatever. She'll pass my info to her San Jose/SF counterparts.

With nothing on the calendar next week, I'm looking forward to being on the beach in Ventura. I can job hunt from there almost as easily as from here. Did not realize I'm returning at the start of Labor Day Weekend.

Harriet Tubman on the $20.
I wish they had picked someone more photogenic. Or more accurately, someone we have clearer pictures of. And someone more Presidential. Elizabeth Jennings Graham, for example, who was NYC's Rosa Parks 100 years earlier.  
And I do not like them replacing a President with someone who wasn't. I'd rather they put her on the $100, instead of on the "Yuppie Food Stamp". Franklin, for all his great PR, owned slaves and advertised the sale of slaves in his newspaper, it would be fitting.
Plans for tomorrow:
Nothing. Again.
Find a Python cookbook
Maybe take the copter out to the park

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