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Sticky Rice

I am kind of angry. I went to all the trouble of steaming up some sticky rice (it has to soak in water for a couple of hour first, and my steamer has holes which are too big so I also have to put in a piece of parchment paper and poke little holes over the big holes) because I had thawed a bag of frozen mango chunks for dessert. Came time for dessert, scooped some sticky rice onto a plate, drizzled on sweetened condensed milk, poured the mango chunks on and sat down to enjoy it.

But most of the mango wasn't ripe.

Boo. Hiss. The reason I bought the frozen is because in the stores the pre-cut mangoes are never ripe. One would think they would pay attentio to that for the frozen ones, since they won't ripen any further.

The rest of the meal was great - reheated some corned beef & slow cooked veggies, and creamed corn.

Lazy day. Up with the 7:30 alarm, played on the tablet till 9, Hgl was good, low 90s, fired up the gas burners which had gone through the dishwasher yesterday, and they all lit right away, which they had not done in months. Took the FAILed teapot, cleaned it off and put it in the pile for Saturday's swap meet.

Plowed through dozens of job postings - they have been multiplying - all the job boards spider all the other job boards and sent me what they think are matches for me. Most of them aren't, and the few which are have been sent to me before from a primary source like LinkedIn, Dice or CareerBuilder.

CalJobs, which is MANDATORY!!! to enroll in to get unemployment insurance reports that in the 2.5 months I have been on there with two resumes, they have been read by zero employers. That's because they target service industry employers, I think.

AOL, of all places, had a job opening worth applying for - found that on LinkedIn. Apple is flooding LinkedIn and Indeed.com (NOVA's 2nd choice after LI) with jobs I could do if I was a MacHead. I could probably do them anyway, I've never had a problem using an Apple, but they want co-religionists.

Sometime after 6 pm a recruiter from CyberCoders emailed with a job I could do, but wouldn't want to. Desktop support doing all the things for an unnamed company. 3-month contract does not inspire confidence. I also applied for a temp Tech Analyst job which is out of my comfort zone, because it's working in the medical equipment field, but the product helps save cancer patient lives, so why not?

 I am telling you a story. Circa 1990, I was working at HP for a group which built a network monitor. If there was a break in your network cable (this was in the days when all Internet was over coax, like TV cable) it could show you a map with a bright red X where the break was. I was the junior of two tech support people, the only times we were not desk-bound was when we were at a trade show, or teaching a class once a year in Colorado Springs. HP had field engineers for customer site jobs.

One afternoon, a sales engineer calls my boss, asking if someone can go to Fresno with his field engineer in the wee hours, to help track down a network break at a hospital. To reduce the chances of disturbing the patients, they wanted us to not get there till 2 am. My boss volunteered me.

It's a long drive from Palo Alto to Fresno, almost 3 hours. The field engineer drove, he had a company car. He was a nice guy, it was a pleasant drive, during which he gave me the gory details: we were going to the children's hospital, where some HP network equipment had stopped working. As a result the nurses could not monitor one section of children's wards, they had to bring in extra staff to check each patient in person.

When we arrive & check in, he introduces me to the lead nurse for the affected section, and then we walk down dimly lit, very quiet hallways, passing by room after room of sleeping children. It was eerie. Haunting. Knowing they all had cancer was heartbreaking.

We were lucky and found the loose cable connection right away, and fixed it.

Another long walk past the sleeping children, the nurse confirmed the monitors were back up, and we drove back to Palo Alto.

The experience spooked me. The idea that all those young lives depended on me freaked me out. I decided not to put myself in that position again.

Watched some Tivo, went out on the porch and watched hummingbirds and bees and roses and poppies. The bees have discovered the roses. Took them long enough. Previously they checked them out with a flyby, but never landed, even though many blooms were open and waiting. I am so happy I put all that work in 2 years ago, the roses are thriving, the catmints are blooming and spreading out as ground cover, and some seeds Lee planted have sprouted hundreds of small plants which are starting to flower and between them, the catmints and the poppies the ground is totally shaded from the sun, helping keep the roses hydrated. And the Bee's Friend flowers are alive with bumblebees. Lots of work to transform the previous owner's defoliation efforts into gardens.

Read a bit more of the astronaut book.

Drove to Specialty's, bought a sticky bun and a diet Coke, and fired up the laptop. Did some Facebooking, discovered Prince had "been found dead" which is newsman jargon for "committed suicide", and later found out he did it on The Queen's birthday. There had been recent indications something serious was wrong, his publicists have so far managed to play that down. I was not/am not a fan, today's postings of snippets of lyrics are the first time I knew what he'd written. Could not understand hardly anything he sang.

Also found dead today at 45, pro wrestling bad girl Chyna.

And croaking at 93, director of Goldfinger, Live and Let Die, Diamond Are Forever and The Man With The Golden Gun, Guy Hamilton.

The best related meme said 2016 is being written by George R.R. Martin.

 Most of the eye candy today was transient, people buying Peet's Coffee and Specialty's baked goods to go. So I didn't linger too long. When it looked like Spybot would take forever to scan my laptop, I shut the lid, put it in its bag and went back home, where I set up on the porch, plugged in to an outdoor outlet, and was surprised to see the scan still running. Laptop apparently is set to only turn off the display, not go to sleep when the cover closes. Nice to know.

Harvested a branch from the newest Thai lime tree, snipped off all the leaves, bagged and froze them. I may do that for another branch, and send leaves to my sisters. I'll ask them first. Maybe they also want rose petals. The second batch finished drying, and it took a 1 gallon bag to hold them all. I may pour the first batch in from the 1 quart bag they fit into.

Vacuumed the porch, the livingroom and the office. Re-potted one of the orchid plants and popped two leaves with minimal roots into a glass of water each. Also poked some pincushion flower seeds into the one starter pot which had not started. Out of 14.

Plans for tomorrow:
If I wake up in time, NOVA class at 8:30 - maybe not, there's a waitlist
Watch it rain

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