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Because I was bored

Woke up at 6:30, out of bed at 7 when the tablet alarm went off, was at NOVA by 8 but they were late opening up. Attended a lab in the computer training room called "Am I Marketable?" which turned out to be about how to find out about standardized job descriptions, their salary ranges, how many jobs like that are in our area, and some other hints such as keeping a budget and where to find financial counseling for free.

It was taught by the same person who did the first part of orientation, and my 1-on-1. She's very good, but she shot herself in the foot by insisting on everyone following her on-screen steps for finding a new career in accounting. Nobody in the class was looking for a new career in accounting. 2/3 of us were perfectly capable of taking the first 3 minutes of the presentation and finding all about the jobs we were interested in.

Most of the material was useful, except the accounting part.

She gave us free rein at the end of the class, but by then there was almost no time left.

Thanks to the early start, I had not done my morning job hunt, so I drove through the rain to the nearest parking garage, walked in the rain 2 blocks to Starbucks and fired up the laptop. I got all my job hunt stuff done, I think I applied for 4 jobs, and gave up on two (Yahoo was one) because their application process was more work than it was worth. If I upload a resume, I'm not going to take kindly to being asked to enter it all again by hand in your draconian HR format.

One of the jobs I bailed on was on a bait & switch web site which was really just gathering names/resumes for for-pay recruiters.

When I first arrived, there was a line of eye candy, and because of the rain many of them stayed, but only long enough to finish their lattes. By the time I left, everyone in my section was Middle Aged White Guy.

Stopped off at Prolific Oven, different staff from last time, they got my order right. While one gal was boxing my order, another was taping a series of inventory notes to the back wall, wiggling her ass at me. I thought she was unaware of the show she was putting on until I was heading for the door and she made a point of passing in front of me so I could get the whole picture. Very nice, and probably over 18.

Still raining, drove home and caught up on Tivo. Did some Facebooking and Instagramming. At 5 I got the old lady shopping cart from the shed, cut the tape the movers had put on it 2 years ago, and filled it with odds and ends for the swap meet. Rolled that to the clubhouse, which got me out of breath and should not have, and the committee was very happy to get what I brought, especially the 300 paper plates, which were conscripted by the kitchen staff as I had hoped. The cart was also being discussed, since there is a Grocery Outlet opening a few blocks away.

Home, much easier returning than going. And soon I noticed the pile of hummingbird feeders which I'd forgotten. I'll bring those by tomorrow if I'm out and about before 10.

Received email from yet another Amazon.com recruiter wanting to fill a developer position in their audio project. I replied that I'm not a developer, but have a shitload of audio experience directly related to their products. I think I phrased it differently. After I sent it, I saw another message from her, which included a recent copy of my resume which clearly states I am not a programmer, asking if we can arrange a phone meeting next Monday or Tuesday. I replied that if she is still interested after reading my previous message, I'll be on a train south Monday, but Tuesday afternoon would work, pick a time.

Delivered today was a case of tuna & crab cat food in small tins. I emptied one into what used to be Spook's treat dish. She was wary at first, finally she went and licked most of the liquid off but did not eat much if any of the actual food. I'll leave it overnight, but if she is true to form, this will be another FAIL. I'll donate the food to a shelter. Or make soup. Or paint San Jose Sharks logos on them and sell them as hockey pucks.

Dinner was honey glazed chicken wings & drumettes, corn on the cob, and a cream puff for dessert. Which reminds me, I ate the Napoleon I'd bought at PO as soon as I got home, and it was horrible. They used a solid honey graham cracker for the layers instead of puff pastry. WTF? They make éclairs and cream puffs with puff pastry, why not the Napoleons?

Heard an Earth Day joke on my favorite sports program, and made a meme:

And in other news, all the roses are blooming, and so are the Thai lime trees. Because the sun was not out, the poppies stayed folded up today. The rains were done by about 4, and the weekend prediction is for cloudy but no rain.

I'm doing a load of laundry (whites) so I'll have socks when I return from the beach. Spent a few minutes packing clothes, Spook helped by sitting in the luggage and then by playing with the ID tag underneath. Monday morning I'll pack meds, I'll need to order more insulin pens late enough next week so they don't arrive while I am gone. I have enough for the trip plus a couple of days. Maybe more, now that my Hgl is more under control.

Plans for tomorrow:
Swap meet
Theater friend's housewarming just the other side of 101 from me.
Maybe see a play. Catch-22 is starring the guy who was the Dentist in LSOH with me
Or maybe the Shakespeare spoof at Pear Ave's new edifice to which I have not yet been.

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